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  • Thursday, November 23, 2006
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Butterflyfish says that all good bloggers must post a list of what they're thankful for. i have to say, i usually buck these kinds of trends. today, however, i will do it, b/c i want to be a good blogger.

    1. j., my younger daughter:

    for all of her
    goofy faces,
    love of being active,
    and so much more ....

    2. e., my older daughter:

    for all of her:
    amazing vocabulary,
    sense of humor,
    willingness to try new things,
    and so much more....

    3. my beloved, for all of his love, patience, helpfulness, creativity, memory, and his loving of e. and j. and how much of himself he gives to all of us,

    4. for my parents - even though i complain about them, they are very supportive, and have shown such unconditional love to me and mine,

    5. for my sister (and her boy!), b/c even though sometimes i get mad at her, i think she's the best-est,

    6. my own health and that of my family,

    7. the opportunity to go to law school,

    8. the ability to do well in law school,

    9. that i have a job lined up for after law school,

    10. that our move across the country has been so fruitful and that we are all so happy here in New England, with the seasons and the history,

    11. for our town, and all it offers to kids and families, and the networks that exist and have welcomed us as children and parents,

    12. for our home - the first home we've all shared, and despite the fact that we could use an extra bedroom, it's homey, and it's us, and it shows how well we've come together as a family;

    13. for the elections this year, even though i'll believe that it will bring "great change" when i see it,

    14. for my kitty cats.

    i reserve the right to update this as the day goes on and i think of things i forgot.
    posted by Zuska @ 12:34 PM  
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