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  • Thursday, November 02, 2006
    looking forward
    i decided to shift my obsession from a larger place to live to course selection for the spring. this is obsessive behavior. i know that some people really are having to bid now for their courses in the spring - but i do not. i have a winter quarter of working in front of me, and not until i'm 1/2 done with that (like, mid-January) will it be time for me to really start thinking about this.

    i'm doing it early.

    this quarter, i have only 12 credits and i do not like it. i don't have enough to do. i am, by nature, a procrastinator, and a lazy shit. if i do not have much to do --- i never do anything. it's the way i am. i thought, from seeing how law school was going, that i'd outgrown this behavior. but this quarter with only 12 credits has shown me that, alas, i am still the same Zuska that I was in high school.

    Therefore, I decided that in the Spring, I'm loading myself down. I will take at least 15 credits, perhaps 15. I will take 5 classes again. (again? when I have I ever done that before? I have not.)

    Of course, I'm having a hard time deciding which ones to take. As it turns out, there are a lot of classes that interest me in the Spring. If they could have put a couple of them in this current quarter, instead, my life would be happier. But they did not.

    1. Comparative Constitutional Law
    2. First Amendment
    3. Intellectual Property
    4. International Law
    5. Legislation
    6. Securities Regulations [practical class - Summer Firm told me to take it]
    7. Balancing Security and Liberty [this is the third time i'm trying to take this class. i think if i do not take it during my law school career, i will POP]
    8. Trusts and Estates
    Almost all of them have a reason NOT to take them. I would like to create a mix between both fun and practical, and papers and exams. I do not know yet which ones have exams, but from looking at the list, i'm thinking very few. I *know* that legislation and balancing security and liberty are papers. I am fairly certain that both Trusts and Estates and Securities Regulations would be exams.

    For the practical balance: I'm looking at Securities Regulations; International Law; Intellectual Property; and Trusts and Estates.

    The rest is fun.

    I'm not all that interested in Trusts and Estates ... but again, like Tax (which I'm taking now), it seems like one of those things taht I shouldn't leave law school without taking. Also, with it being my last quarter before the bar, perhaps the material will be fresh come bar time, and I'll have one topic that I can spend less time on?

    I fear that Comparative Constitutional Law will be too much of a repeat of what I'm doing right now in Comparative Law. We really have not looked at many constitutions in class, and certainly didn't spend much time with those that we did look at, but for my paper I am looking closely at that of Afghanistan.

    I fear that First Amendment will be sort of boring. I worked at the a civil rights place last winter, and I swear .... I could not have done more First Amendment stuff. Religion and Speech ... although no press. and this summer i worked on a pro bono project that was Establishment Clause based. Maybe I'm done?

    The prof who teaches International Law is the same one who taught Corporations, and I did not like his style. People tell me that he doesn't do well with large classes (Corporations), but is much better in small classes (International). It also seems like a valuable class.

    Legislation is pure fun. I got to do a good bit of legislative projects last winter, and I loved them. It's a paper, but I'm told it's an easy paper about a piece of legislation, and I can do either of the two state issues i worked on last winter.

    Decisions, decisions.
    posted by Zuska @ 11:07 AM  
    • At Thursday, November 02, 2006 2:56:00 PM, Blogger MadMom said…

      I'm taking IP law right now and it's actually quite interesting. Well, if you enjoy discussing how YouTube is circumventing copyright law and that a patent on the bald man's "comb over" is necessary (is it, really?).

      Cases are (sorta) interesting and there are a lot of supplements for IP.

      Just my two cents.

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