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  • Tuesday, September 26, 2006
    1) Emz' bday went well. She was in good spirits, and liked her bday dinner and cake. she loved the gifts she received from myself, beloved, her old babysitter, my mother, her other grandmother, and her aunt (ex's sister). she received phone calls from all of her grandparents and her father. she actually called the Schlurg's parents, b/c it was that grandfather's birthday, too.

    When the Schlurg called, he told Emz that he would put something in the mail for her "tomorrow." I believe she was disappointed, but she didn't say so.

    She loved her iPod (of course) but didn't get to use it. We had to set it up and charge it and such, and she had PASSED OUT before all of that was done. The child who had sleep issues just a scant month ago is now sleeping the INSTANT her head hits the pillow.

    2) Julez got the lead part in the play she's doing right now. She was very excited. She had tried out for a second-to-lead, and was very happy with the surprise. It's not a ton of lines - but the point of the community theater is that all kids participate and have as even of a role as possible. It doesn't matter. The play is called, "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown," and the child is Charlie Brown. How much more could you ask for?

    3) Interview notices are starting to roll in for winter co-op. I had my first interview this a.m. This is not as convenient as with OCI for summer recruiting. No one comes on campus to interview. We have to go to them. So at least 1.5 hours is required for each interview. And the line of the T that passes by school is having issues, so things are delayed. I had to take the T to school today, rather than the bike, b/c I had to wear a suit. However .... said suit is now hanging in my locker, so next time, I can ride the bike and then change in time for the interview. I am already comfortably esconced in my jeans.

    This morning's interview went well. I was one of 4 who were interviewed, and the other 3 are very competitive. Two of them did Moot Court, and a different 2 of the 3 had summer associate positions in other firms (not necessarily a given at this school). I think that the dude and I clicked and that it went well. He also patted me on the back and said i had the best "evaluations" he'd ever seen. Ever. And he's been doing this for a long while (8 years). I love law school. It is my friend. Unlike college. Unlike high school. I am now friends with school. We love each other.

    I don't know however, if I want it to have gone well. Of course, I don't want to be rejected, but I didn't want to come back to school to find an offer already posted, b/c we have very stringent rules over this process. I believe the rules are necessary to make the whole thing work, and to keep employers active in the co-op program. But from the time that an offer is made (they call the school, who then posts the offer ... they don't give the offer directly to me), I have 3 days to decide and inform the employer of my decision.

    At the time of the interview, I still had 8 (out of 10) resumes out there, with decisions to be made quickly. Now I have 6. I have been chosen for 2 more interviews, and passed by by 1 firm. I don't want to have to decide on one firm before I know what's going on with the others.

    I am being a greedy person. No. I am being an economic actor. I want the job that will pay the most. That is my criteria right now. Why? Childcare is costing $908/month this year, and as of right now, Beloved is not working (although he has an interview for The Job on Friday). I want $$$. Some people feel that when an offer is in hand for post-graduate employment, as is the case with me, the final co-op should be used to "play." But I did play. I worked for my dream organization LAST winter, for no real pay, and for the judge the summer before, for no pay. I'm in school now, for no pay. I'm sick of no pay. I'm in my mid 30's, and am supporting (for the most part) 2 daughters. Not the time to play anymore.

    So, there are two firms with considerably higher pay than all the rest. The one I interviewed with today pays $1000/week, and that is pretty much the average. One of them who I have not heard from yet pays summer associate dollars (i.e., $2600/week), and another pays $1300/week. I think that the $1300/week is my first choice, b/c of the type of law it does, the size firm it is, and the amount of hours I'd be expected to put in. however, if the $2600/week comes my way, I'm takin' it.

    but i have to play the timing game, and I find that stressful. I jumped on my first interview kind of quick, b/c I was relieved that someone picked me. having an offer in hand can be a detriment. Who wants to pay me this winter? Just to train me for my future employer? Furthermore, the larger firms (the $2600/week kind) do still use the co-ops for recruiting purposes, and hiring me for the winter would not suit their purposes. But I think that I excluded those from my list. I only applied to one of those, out of 6, after looking with an advisor at their hiring practices.

    So with these next two interviews, i'm dragging my feet. If I get notice of the interview today, I have to call by the end of tomorrow to set it up. I may just wait to the end of today, and make all my phone calls at once (b/c there's a final posting to come at approx 5 p.m.), and I may wait until the a.m. We'll see.

    4) I had my first drop-in student during my tutor hours today. I think I helped him out. I felt good about that.

    5) Beloved has not gotten his bag back. he called to suspend his cell phone today, and we have to think about replacing what we can replace. This sucks. We bought super-cool new hats in Disneyland (well, in the shopping area outside the park), and his was in his bag. It was not a cheap hat, and he had been wanting one for a very long time. We really want his stuff back. I don't know how long it should take for a cab driver to find a black bag in the trunk of his car, and how long it should take him to then drop it off at the lost & found for the police station at the airport ( the 2 places he's been told to check). When do we give up? He is going to call our landlord and get our locks/keys changed, just to be safe. Since the house keys were in there, too.
    posted by Zuska @ 2:30 PM  
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