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  • Tuesday, July 17, 2007
    I am upset with X. I know, everyone's jaws are dropping to the floor.

    This is the issue: J hates scary shows and movies. J makes this clear. J has spent many a phone call to me CRYING b/c either X, his wife, his step-father or his mother has ignored the fact that she hates scary shows and movies, and insisted on watching House, or CSI, or inappropriate movies with her. CSI and House have been the biggest offenders.

    Harry Potter 5 is in theaters.

    E has read all the Harry Potter books, and I think she's (as of now) read them all twice.

    I read 1 and 2 to J, and then during 3, she cried Uncle, and set them aside. She's not interested. Dementors are not her thing. I guess she's not into soul-sucking, and in THIS house, that's respected.

    The movie is said to be "the darkest of them all." It's rated PG-13. I read a few articles that question whether or not it's even for kids anymore.

    E can handle it.

    J cannot.

    X called me last week. He said, "how firm is this rule that J can't see the movie until she reads the book?" [yes, I do have that rule - but I haven't tried to enforce it when they're at his house, apparently, this is what J told him as the reason why she didn't want to see it.]

    I said, "Not only is it pretty firm, but I would think you would understand. Also, it's only 1/2 the reason. The other 1/2 is that it's too scary for her. She doesn't like scary movies." He said, "oh."

    Today E told me that they have "a problem."

    She and X were going to go see the movie, just the two of them.

    But now X's wife decided that SHE wants to see it, too. She's 35. X is 37. J is NINE!!!

    You think it's too scary? You think you'll have nightmares for a month? Too-bad, so-sad little girl.

    You think you may want to read the books one day? You think it will ruin the experience if you see the movie? Too-bad, s0-sad little girl.

    You better fucking grow UP, b/c in the Middle of the Country, there is no respect for your wishes, your desires, your person hood. There is no consideration for your boundaries and your limits. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.

    Yeah, they're making her go. Yeah, she's crying.

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