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  • Thursday, April 05, 2007
    Zuska the Insane
    Tomorrow is Good Friday. The girls' school decided that due to "low attendance" - they would close the doors. I find the cry of "low attendance" rather silly -- I know zero Christians at the girls' school. There are scores and scores of Jewish folks, and a few Unitarians, and then a bunch of "non-religious" sorts. I seriously think that they give Good Friday off just to make things appear even-Steven after Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah in October. But who are they doing it for? I am not sure. I mean, seriously - the churches in this town have been converted to CONDOS!! That's how NON Christian/Catholic/Episcopal we are around here.

    J's "best friend" was looking for a place to spend the day, as her parents have plans. I reluctantly gave up my gym plans -- wherein Beloved and I agreed that the munchkins would hang out with him at work for an hour or so while I go and sweat some more. My friend had something to do that started earlier than would allow what Beloved and I had discussed, though, and she has helped me out in the past (like, when I had my oral argument for Appellate Advocacy last year - sort of important), and I was willing to do the same for her.

    As it turns out, Beloved is having tooth issues, and ended up needing to be seen by a dentist on an emergency basis tomorrow morning - so our plans wouldn't have worked out anyway.

    Well, I thought E should have something to do, too, so that she didn't spend the day whining at me that she was bored, and it wasn't fair that J got to have a friend over while E had nothing to do.

    So she's having a friend over, too.

    Have I mentioned that my apartment is small?

    I think I will just hide in my bedroom - then some girls can have their bedroom, while others take over the living room.

    And there's always the park.

    Thank god for sunshine.

    I still feel like I need to be wished much luck with tomorrow. Many girls - one adult. Yikes.

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