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  • Wednesday, April 11, 2007
    Oh, yuck.
    I have been talking to the ex today about our plans to do the kid-switcheroo. He is truly a fucker who is disinterested in everyone but himself and what he sees as his greatness, but since that no longer affects me on a day-to-day basis, I am more than capable of talking to him and seeing him without any visceral reactions.

    He told me today, however, that he is bringing his parents (mother and step-father) to pick up the girls. They're flying in from their far-away home, and he's going straight from the airport to me in order to get the kids.

    I really don't want to see his parents. His mother is really a problem to me. For the following reasons:
    • Ex-Mother-in-Law has let the ex know that it is her mission in life to "lead E and J to the Lord." (i.e., get them to be "born again."
    • Back during the initial separation period, the ex told his parents untruths about the reasons, mostly to garnish their sympathy and financial support (he has acknowledged this with me, I do not make it up), and they are completely clueless as to the real reasons. They therefore hate me. At least his mother does.
    • Ex-Mother-in-Law thinks I suck because I don't homeschool the kids.
    • Ex-Mother-in-Law has not seen me since I put on my law-school weight.
    • Ex-Mother-in-Law plays games. Her favorite is to claim she has mailed things to me, and then complain that "the mail man must hate her" and how "unusual" it is that packages just never make it from her to me. She's making shit up. I get mail from everyone. Never have I not gotten a package. I firmly believe that she isn't mailing stuff. And she likes to just play the "oh, what a nasty ex-wife my son has" game. But you know what? He doesn't have a nasty ex-wife. I am so ridiculously respectful of him, of her (well, at least in teh girls' presence), of his sisters, and anyone else I ever talk to the girls about from that past piece of my life.
    • Ex-Mother-in-Law was divorced when the ex was 3. She hates her ex. She never got over it. She acts like a fucking fool about it. She still won't even speak on the phone if he calls her house when my ex is there. She just puts the phone down and walks away. Apparently, she thinks that is the way that adults behave. She's wrong.
    • The ex MIL was very mean to her son when he was little. She married a man who mistreated her son. Who spoke horribly to her son. The man did not stop behaving that way when he had daughters of his own. He has mellowed with age, and is not unkind to my girls, but there is absolutely positively no reason why she married that man. She, by doing that, in my opinion, heavily contributed to the reasons for my divorce. And for her son's very very very deep unhappiness.
    • I dislike ex-Mother-in-Law immensley, and honestly -- I always have. She's nasty, she's tacky, she's rude, she assumes that everyone agrees with her judgmental, hateful opinions, and she exudes negativity from her pores.
    I am really really dreading this.
    So much so, that I'm considering crying to my daddy on Saturday that I can't do it, and instead begging him to do it for me.
    I can't do that --- the girls would never forgive me. The girls have a stable mother. A mother who refuses to be affected in her behavior by icky people. REALLY icky people.
    Just - yuck.


    posted by Zuska @ 11:41 AM  
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