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  • Friday, March 30, 2007
    Uh oh, now I feel bad - Chris Sligh is *me*!!!
    I am getting so many hits from people searching for info on Chris Sligh getting kicked out Bob Jones University, which I discussed here.

    I just read his "exit interview" from the day after he left the show, and look what he said:
    I didn't leave Bob Jones through a choice of my own. I actually got kicked out for going to a Christian contemporary concert. It was a band called For Him. So they kicked me out. It was actually good because I had been figuring out how to leave. My parents had given me the option to go to two colleges, and I chose the less crazy one believe it or not. I was 18 and didn't have the money to pay for college, so I chose what I could. No disrespect to Bob Jones, but again, it's just not the sect of Christianity I want to be associated with.
    My parents gave me limited options! I was forced to go along, because "I was 18 and didn't have the money to pay for college, so I chose what I could."

    There is still the big difference ... from all I can tell from the slight amount of investigation I've done, Chris Sligh does still consider himself a Christian - and a born again one, which shares more than it doesn't with the Bob Jones ideology.

    And it wasn't the Bob Jones element that made me think twice about supporting him, because all of my friends from Liberty (no, MOST of my friends from Liberty) are no longer considering themselves Christian of any sort. If I heard someone went to a school like that, I'd have to ask a hell of a lot more questions before I drew any conclusions as to their current religious affiliation.

    But nonetheless, it's funny to see how similar Chris Sligh's decision-making process was to my own.

    Poor dude, he's getting raked over the coals by everyone -- for being religious, for not being religious ENOUGH.

    I like you, Chris Sligh, and so does my 10 year old daughter.


    posted by Zuska @ 2:57 PM  
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