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  • Tuesday, March 27, 2007
    American Idol Top 10 - Who's the First to Go?
    Who should go: Sunjaya or Haley.


    I voted probably 15 times for Blake, and probably 8 for Gina. Blake was J's choice (even though she couldn't watch tonight),* Gina was mine, and Chris Slight was E's. I voted for Chris Sligh once. He gives me the Heeby Jeebies now, and he ain't the Police. I just bought that song, because it was such a biggy in my life in my late teens. He's not allowed to butcher it. He probably did it on purpose. To prove that only music which exalts the Lord is "good music." [I am being mean - it's the laundry's fault.]

    Beloved didn't play tonight. He is sick of wasting time watching t.v.


    God, I'm snarky tonight.

    Gina butchered a song I really like last week, and yet I'm sure I voted for her more than once.

    I'm feeling guilty.

    I have 3 minutes left.

    I'm going to throw in new phone calls for Sligh.


    Okay - resuming our regular program.

    I'm still turned off to Melinda. She's great. We know. Get her off my damned television already.

    Lakisha also bores me now. I was pulling for her really strong - I didn't want her voted off because she's heavy, and I really felt some solidarity for the single mom (since I was one for a few years). I still find her much more compelling - and deserving - than Melinda. Melinda's already a professional. Lakisha's out of the blue.

    Gina really rocked tonight. I thought she was great.

    I can't believe that two of the contestants chose to sing Gwen Stefani songs when they didn't HAVE to. Yet, I give Jordin a lot more credit than Chris. Jordin went out of her mold. She didn't sing a Disney Princess song, and she sort of expanded her image, I think. I hope she doesn't go away. I give her a thumbs up (but not a vote).

    I don't like Chris Richardson. He's not my style.

    I missed Sunjaya. I was doing the fucking laundry. I saw his 17 ponytails, though.

    Oh yeah, and the other princess. Haley can't do Cyndi. Shut up, Haley.

    Blake - I want him to win. TO WIN. He is my American Idol.

    Well, him or Gina. I'll do with either of them. Is that all?

    Oh yeah, Phil Stacey.

    I guess Phil Stacey also freaks me out, but I thought he was good tonight. Better than Chris Sligh - they're compared because they both did the Police.

    Is anyone in the Police born again? Why are my two fundies doing the Police?

    Oh! Funny story!! E said she wanted to vote for Sligh, and I told her NO! i won't dial for him. He bugs me. She said, "oh, excuuuuuuse me, I thought we had free will in this house!" I conceded that yes, she does, and allowed her vote to go to Sligh.

    See, this is what I love about kids who aren't raised to follow the ideology in which I was raised. They truly understand what "free will" means. They do not parrot. They do not have a set of "expected beliefs" which they can/will spew out on command. E knows what I discovered about Sligh, and she knows about my past, and my feelings about it. She also is secure in a feeling that regardless of my beliefs, she is entitled to her own. Because she IS.

    "You don't like my opinion, but yet, you respect it, because I, too, am a person."

    She's 10, and she knows that.

    She also knows that reason dictates the boundaries of the statement. Reason, compassion, and membership in a community.

    And here, we seem to have reached the end of bitching.



    posted by Zuska @ 10:51 PM  
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