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  • Tuesday, November 21, 2006
    roast, muffins
    i am sooooo very warm right now. and a little beat.

    the roast came out great. my only negative thought about it was that all the veggies (and fruit) were orange, and i don't understand a recipe that is so monochrome. but i like sweet potatoes, and i like butternut squash, and i like apricots. so i was okay. the meat was tender and yummy.

    j. and i made muffins for tomorrow, and she was so cute and so good. she was very studious in watching and learning what she needed to do. she was meticulous about closing and covering her ingredients and putting them away. she's good.

    the muffins ... eh.

    the cook time was too much for our oven, so the first batch was a little over-done. i just tested the second batch, and a muffin cup didn't want to come off the muffin. fuuu-uuuuuck.

    i was only going to do 2 batches. but they didn't come out so BIG - and it just seemed like it wasn't going to be enough for 2 classes.

    so i made a second double batch.

    the first 1/2 of that is in the oven right now.

    and i'm sweating.

    between the oven and the dishwasher, and the fucking BOILER that we live on top of, my apartment is at least 7 million degrees right now. it is 33 outside, and i was seriously contemplating going for a walk.

    but i can't - b/c the muffins are cooking.

    TOMORROW is also huge. we have the damned breakfast(s) in the morning, then beloved has to go get the turkey, i MUST go for a run, and i want to go to the town hall with my application for a new passport. we pick up the kids at noon, come home, throw some food at their stomachs, and get on the road to bring them to their father.

    we will hopefully drive for like 2.5 hours, but b/c of the holiday, i'm not too optimistic.

    then beloved and i are meeting my parents for dinner. we meet the ex at 4, but don't have reservations until 6:30, b/c i insisted. my mom was all, "oh, really? 4? then we sohuld make reservations for 5:00!"

    i told her she's old. and that i'm not. and that i am NOT eating dinner at 5.

    do you even NEED reservations for 5? can't you just walk in and each sit at your own table? i mean, geez.

    i also really don't think we're going to make the drive in 2.5 hours. i think it could easily take 3.5. if not 4.

    then beloved and i will drive back, and we will pass out in our bed, and then wake on thursday to cook a turkey and some taters.

    i was the one who insisted we cook. i am thinking that i should right now firmly place my shoe upon my ASS for such an idea.

    i don't want to COOK. i want to SLEEP.

    no, really, i want to cook. the last thanksgiving that we didn't have the kids, we go Thai take out and watched movies in our jammies all day, and honestly, i found it slightly depressing. so hopefully this way, we'll have a 2 person party.

    i'm tired.
    posted by Zuska @ 10:06 PM  
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