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  • Tuesday, November 28, 2006
    Day 2 is alright. i had a busy morning with a couple small assignments. my favorite kind of assignment. quick sleuthing into a legal question with a verbal report ASAP.

    i think i chose the right field. i just love getting these puzzles. i love trying to figure out answers, i love doing the research, and having books and computer screens open and piecing all of it together to come up with a definitive result. i don't mind writing, really, but it can get tedious, especially if i don't approach things right - if i spend too much time researching before putting words on a page, it feels like too much, and the writing becomes a chore, b/c the fun part is over.

    despite the fun, it only lasted for about 2.5 hours. then i spent much of my day populating wish lists full of clothing that i want. which is stupid:

    the office is not all-out business dress, it's definitely business casual, but people dress pretty darned nice, including assistants. i have enough professional clothing to "get by" - but my best stuff is summer (a la Summer Firm) weight. and i am not very interested in expending much financially toward getting by for this winter stint, since a) they aren't paying as much as Summer Firm, and b) i am hoping to go down at least 1 size during my time here. if not 2.

    i found out today that 3 of the partners here used to work at my Future Firm. i wonder if they'd ever be willing to talk to me about why they left ....

    today is my day to rush from work to the school to get j. e.'s cello practice was actually rescheduled to an earlier time, which freaked me out slightly. then i remembered that she is 10, and quite capable. a friend is bringing her to the library for the approximately 10 minute gap that we have b/t cello practice and my anticipated arrival time. all will be well.

    as long as i RUN to the T stop after work.

    he he he.

    posted by Zuska @ 4:34 PM  
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