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  • Saturday, September 02, 2006
    Saturday Evening
    I told Beloved today at dinner ... 3 day weekends are just perfect. It allows for one day to just rest, and be a slug (I like to be a slug); one day for an outing of some type with the family (zoo? museum? beach?); and one day to do laundry and other cleaning things. that would be PERFECT for me.

    So this weekend is perfect! Today was definitely slug day. The weather that we have forecasting may preclude a day for an outing. But that's okay. I can use a second slug day.

    We actually had a pretty good day today, for a slug day. I read a good bit, Beloved made some new mixed disks for the girly-q's, which Thing Two spent some time dancing to like a girl possessed, and then the girls and I went for a walk, upon my realizing that my headache was owed to the fact that I forgot to have coffee, and that we had no cream.

    We first spent some time commenting on the joy of needing a sweater (it was probably in the lower 60's), and then more time commenting on the beauty of the wind (thanks, Ernesto). Then I got coffee, and they got chocolate milk, and we went to our neighborhood bookstore for approx an hour. we had a great time. We then started strolling toward the restaurant that we were meeting Beloved at, but stopped off in a few neighborhood shops. I'm looking for a new tote bag for school, one that's unique and also large enough to fit my Love, I mean, my laptop.

    We then had a lovely dinner, despite the fact that after pouring one glass of Allagash Tripel, the keg was empty :( I let Beloved have it, b/c he's much more likely to be happy with a single glass of beer than I am, and I tried the Dubel (not as good) and then switched to something else that was not good enough to remember.

    The wind is picking up even more now, and the evening is lovely.
    posted by Zuska @ 9:47 PM  
    • At Monday, September 04, 2006 9:36:00 PM, Anonymous frillgirl said…

      I had three day weekends until now, as a 1L, I could use them the most. Fridays were spent studying (with no kids about) and cleaning. Then when everyone came home we could have a clean house (or I could, no one else seems to care or notice the difference).
      *sigh* just feeling sorry for myself, blue after spending about 20 hours studying over the labor day holiday.

      And while I'm have a lovely blog. I can't believe I haven't visited before. You're on my blogroll and my feeds now, though.

      Usually I'm more chipper, too. ;)

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