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  • Tuesday, August 29, 2006
    i'm at school. i am reading tax. it's relatively interesting.

    my new laptop will have a big test today .... is its wireless strong enough to give me web browsing during class? the ultimate question. we have pathetic wireless here at the school. the computer services people are vague as to the reason - whether it's money (which makes no sense when you understand what it takes to provide wireless) or it's the professors preferring a lesser amount of access during lectures. However, OTHER people have had computers powerful enough to pick up either the wireless from the dorms across the street, or the pathetic signal from the library across the hall. We'll see if mine puts me there.

    I just shelled out another $142 in school books. I'm still not done, because neither my Appellate Advocacy book, nor the 2nd volume of the copy packet were ready. I think I will be doing yet another $80.

    + $142.00
    + $ 80.00
    my entire summer salary

    It is kind of normal to be back. Good to see people. It seems a wee bit odd that social lines have shifted after this summer. those of us who had the BigFirm gig are acting a wee bit more "connected" than in the past. I was looking at a couple boys as they went on and on to be about classes, and other general things, "we talk? this is the first time we've had a conversation ... why is it lasting this long?" But at this "public interest" law school, we have now been outed as the Un Cool Kids, so perhaps some of their public defender friends have turned their backs, and so they're scouting for some other money-grubbing Corporate Whores to chat with.

    I rode my bike this a.m., and it was okay b/c I was not in a hurry - but my bike tires piss me the FUCK OFF. Every time I get back on the bike after as much as a week of it sitting idle, the damn tires are low. Why does this happen? It can sit idle for 3 weeks, and the tires are without air - but if during the NEXT three weeks, I'm riding the damned thing, it doesn't happen.


    Guess what?

    I want a new bike.

    (When Beloved reads that, he's going to yell at me, I know it. Don't worry, honey! I'm not gonna buy one! I promise, when I go to REI to drop off the fucking tires, I will NOT come home with a new bike!)
    posted by Zuska @ 12:24 PM  
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