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  • Thursday, August 31, 2006
    finding my groove
    Today was my first Thursday, and it was good. I think that this quarter is going to shape up just fine. I have large chunks of time to do with as I please, and I have a good bit of diversity in what my classes demand of me. My professors are underwhelming (especially as compared to quarters past) -- I have none of the Superstars, none of my favorites (oh, except for Professional Responsibility, he's a Star, and his voice is super soothing). So that may be a downer. I will, however, muddle through, and enjoy the content of all of the classes.

    I had an interview for the tutoring position. I think it went well. I think I may have said something stupid, but I don't think it blew the interview for me. She asked me for suggestions on how to set up the program, and get the first years to actually USE it, and how to make it accessible to all of them, and make them feel welcome. I said that she should make sure she has a good mix of men and women, b/c not all men would be willing to come to a woman for help on figuring out how to study and/or prepare for exams. I think that what I said is true, but at the same time, I felt like it came out kind of sexist, and that it was perhaps bad judgment. Ah well. As I said, I don't think it blew it for me. It probably just made her think I'm weird. Which I may be.

    I also talked to someone about my winter job. At my school, we're on the quarter system, and out of 4 quarters, we spend 2 of them working. I have one more work stint this coming winter. I find myself in an odd position for this working stint. usually, people have 1) a public interest gig; 2) an area of interest gig; 3) a judge gig; and 4) a placement gig. I got numbers 1 and 2 in the same run, and now I have a 4th slot, and nothing to fill it with. Since offer and acceptance have happened for post-school, I feel like I'm in a netherland.

    So, I'm looking at work stint #4 as my "money gig." I want to not be broke. I would love to work somewhere that allowed me to squirrel some dollars away toward a bar trip.

    This may mean another big firm.

    Or it may mean a medium sized firm.

    Or it may mean a general counsel.

    The big firms become an issue - both logistically and socially. Logistically b/c the big firms that hire in the winter (and fall and spring for that matter) are EITHER using the opportunity as a recruiting tool, OR clearly don't want to depart from their summer program as their recruiting tool, and just use this opportunity as a way to get work done. But I don't know how to figure out what they're doing. Some (2) have said clearly on their little info blurb "please do not apply if you already have post-graduate employment." Pretty simple. Others say nothing.

    We only get 10 application slots (kind of like OCI bids ... only not). So, if I WASTE my slots on firms that have said nothing, but meant to say "please do not apply if you already have post-graduate employment" - I could end up with less opportunities.

    The social aspect .... I feel confident that if a firm is going to hire ME, a person with a post-graduate situation lined up, then they are clearly NOT looking for a permanent employee. However, my fellow students may not understand how very transparent I'm being in the process, and if I were to be so lucky as to land a big firm job in the winter, and then those of my counterparts who have NOT secured post-graduate employment see on the little public board that the school uses for all of us to sign up on once we secure our positions .... they're gonna be pissed off. They will think I'm "taking all the jobs." Someone basically said as much to me today. That I better not apply for the big firm jobs, b/c it's just not fair. Is that true? Does my not applying guarantee that s/he will get the position? Firms don't HAVE to hire any of us, they could forego the whole program for a quarter (or so).

    But I wonder if perhaps I should just limit myself to the smaller firms (like anywhere from 4 to 25 attorneys), the ones who clearly do not and never do hire fresh graduates - they just want students to help lighten their loads. And the pay is still good. Sure as hell a lot more than I'm making now :)

    I'm very frustrated this week with how quickly the nights are over. i have been for the most part getting home pretty early (around 5? Except tonight, b/c I had class until 7:30), and before I know it, it's 10. I sit down to blog or to do some other piddly thing, while waiting for the kids to calm down and drift off, and all of a sudden, it's so late. We had to be very determined in order to get things settled and put aside last night so we could start a movie at 9 (we saw Brokeback Mountain), and I was still up until midnight. I don't even REMEMBER the last time we [omission of too much information]. Well, it was probably last Friday. No. Last Thursday. So a week ago. That's SHAMEFUL. I'm a hornier person than that, and that's just WRONG. But the kids aren't yet in school, and so they're not getting up at 7, so they're not going to sleep at 9 or 9:30 - they're in BED at 9 or 9:30, and not asleep until 11, or sometimes, in Thing One's case, 12.

    I look forward to the weekend to catch up on sleep and sex. [oops, forgot to omit it that time.]
    posted by Zuska @ 9:22 PM  
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