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  • Wednesday, August 23, 2006
    Memories on Demand
    Tonight the girls and I went for a walk. I decided that I did soooo much laundry and cleaning and entertaining of more children than I birthed that I deserved CHOCOLATE, and we didn't have any in the house. (Well, no milk chocolate, just Beloved's dark chocolate caramels, which to me, are poops).

    Beloved has to write a review tonight, and so I promised him some time to himself. I took the kids to Trader Joe's with me to get some of my favorite peanut butter filled milk chocolate bars.

    We walked out the door at 7:45 to a slight chill in the air and the sun on its way down. This is just the BEST time of year, and the BEST time of day. I decided I needed a sweatshirt atop my shorts and t-shirt, so the girls went ahead to the park across from our apartment building while I went back inside. I came back out to see through the trees that they were running and leaping and cartwheeling. They were very happy and active. By the time we walked across the park, Thing Two was saying, "this is so fun! I love this place! This is so perfect!"

    We walked through one other park on the way to TJ's, where the girls continued to practice their cartwheels. A woman who seemed to be on break from the neighborhood nursing home was grinning ear to ear at their attempts and "look at me, mommy!"

    While we were at TJ's, Thing One was commenting that it was the first time of the summer that she had that "free summer feeling, where there's nothing you have to do, and you can just run around like CRAZY, and it's okay."

    This is one of those nights that I want them to remember. Forever.

    I don't want it to end up (like it is with me, and my memories of my childhood) that all they remember are the days where they get in trouble, or that I'm grouchy b/c of exams or an upcoming trial, and say something I don't mean, or don't want to say. I want them to remember the sun going down, and them laughing with their mother b/c of her needing a sweatshirt on a summer evening as if she were from CALIFORNIA or something.

    I want them to go back in their memories, and find the day that it was PERFECT, the weather, the park, the company, everything - the coziness and happiness and glowing.

    posted by Zuska @ 9:13 PM  
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