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  • Wednesday, August 23, 2006
    Creeping in -- Reality for All
    It's getting more real to me that I'm back in school in less than a week. Two more of my syllabi were posted today, and I've decided it's time - tomorrow is book-buying day. (Damn Tax.) I even have assignments to start in on. Then I'll feel like a real student, and the bubble that has been my obvious belief that I was Once a Law Student will be burst. Having a taste of the real world (ha ha ha - summer associate = real world? ha ha ha) this summer makes it hard to believe that I will ever study again.

    I also did make an appointment to get my hair cut, and I did ALL the laundry. I'm talking 12 loads. I had a bunch of new stuff (sheets and socks and undies) to wash before wearing/using, and that tacked at least 3 loads onto my already respectable 9. I am such a shitty housekeeper. Seriously.

    Thing Two had a friend over today. I like her. They got along well with Thing One, which is always a feat in itself (not Thing One as much as the sibling of the child whose having a friend over).

    Thing One pulled out her cello for the first time since June today. WOW!! She sounded so awesome! The notes were so strong and clear, and she had the songs down, still, from last year. Her cello looked little on her, even though she (according to our pre and post summer measurements) only grew 1/2 inch. She will be having private lessons this year, and I'm really hopeful that she'll stick with the instrument.

    Thing Two was finally told (by me) that she will be going to the After School program at the school, rather than getting a new babysitter. She cried ... but it seemed forced. Like she wasn't REALLY upset. I think her main reason for being upset is that she loses the chance to have impromptu "play dates" with her friend who came over today. But the reality is that her friend's mom and I have gotten close (ish) over the past 2 years that the girls are BF's, and we will still work things out. They have theater together on Mondays, her friend has Hebrew School on Tuesdays, and their family routines preclude play dates on Fridays, b/c they spend a quiet family afternoon before they go to Temple. So, uh, no - she can't have a babysitter for the occassional Weds or Thurs playdate with this ONE friend! She has approx 4 friends (close friends) who also attend the program, and who are NOT in her classroom this year. She will have fun.

    And I think she knows that, and that's why the tears were fake. I am sorry that it's not her ideal situation ... but this is a tough spot, b/c it IS her sister's ideal situation. Thing One *loves* the program, and gets a lot of out of it, and all of her friends are in it.

    And I can't pay for 2 separate after-school situations. If I could find someone who was willing to make HALF the going rate to care for Thing Two, so that my costs weren't doubled, then it would be fine. But uh, that person does NOT exist. and if they do, something's wrong with them, and I don't want them near my kids. So there.

    ALSO. Beloved is not planning on getting a new job until October (after our trip to Disneyland), and so he will be available to ease Thing Two's transition. She can get picked up earlier, and have shorter days.

    ALSO. My school schedule is RIDICULOUSLY sparse this year. I am done very early on Wednesdays and have nothing on Fridays.

    She will be fine, and even HAPPY, I think.

    Today Beloved finished his part-time gig that he did this summer, in his dream field. It ended with a faint whisper of a potential paid opportunity for him, there, in the near future. This is a good enough opportunity at a perfect enough place for him and his interests that it would definitely make us reconsider our plan for him to be an at-home presence upon my establishment as a Real Lawyer. I'm sure we'll find a solution - we always do.

    So it's almost time. I'm thinking through the year's new routines and requirements. Our fun weeks of bliss and lack of responsibility are fading out, and in comes the responsibility and demands.

    But .... we still have some time. I will be sure to enjoy it.
    posted by Zuska @ 5:47 PM  
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