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  • Sunday, August 20, 2006
    a few new toys
    After some deep self-examination, it has occurred to me that I am a Toy Person. I decided that I would like to embrace this aspect of my personality. I am not ashamed. If I were a Toy Person who was unwilling to do a little research, and a little bargain hunting, and if I were still the Zuska of the past, who had ZERO patience (on a scale of 1 to 10, I now believe I have patience at about a 5 or 6, rather than the ZERO of days past, although I think that without the 10 rating, Beloved will continue to say that I Do Not Have Patience. he is wrong. i have about a "5" of patience. and that is good.)

    Where was I? Oh yeah, the lack of shame. b/c i'm not as impulsive as I used to be.

    My New Toys.

    1. Computer and Related Treats.

    My main toy of the summer is my new Mac. It is a dual purpose machine, 1/2 Toy, and 1/8th Tool. No. 1/2 Tool. (b/c of school? right?)

    Since it is partially a tool, and needs to come to school WITH me, I needed to be sure that the transportation process would be safe for the sweet little thing. I have a really excellent Crumpler messenger bag, which I spent a good deal of money on last year, and didn't really want to replace. My bag has a built-in sleeve, but for my old 17" Dell. My cute little 13" Mac is kind of lost inside it.

    a. The Sleeve.

    So, I went sleeve shopping. First, I checked out this one at Timbuk2, but wasn't so thrilled with the look or the size. So, then I did a google search, and found some super-cute ones, but the sizes were a bit off. Either too big or too small. It also irked me that they cost a bit more, just b/c of a flower. So then I found myself back at ebags, which is where I found my computer bag that I love (despite its largesse). And I found a sleeve that I like. It holds just my computer, not all the accoutrements, but I don't need those held, the sleeve is just going into my bag and giving my Baby some extra protection. Furthermore, the little flap that flips up into a handle will be very useful for those times that I want to run across the street to grab a smoothie, but don't want to pack everything up, and don't want to leave the laptop behind. Now JUST the laptop can come along for a smoothie run. I used to leave the Dell behind. I am not leaving my new one behind.

    b. the defender against all oils.

    While I was doing the Sleeve-Shopping, Beloved told me he found something that I NEED. I have been freakish about people touching my computer screen, and I already (despite the freakishness) have a couple smudge spots. He found this cool keyboard cover, which protects the screen from getting the oils which end up on the keys after typing on it upon folding. So I bought it. I got it in blue. It was $6, and it was the only item on the whole site that had free shipping. I thought that was kind of cool. Because at first, when Beloved showed it to me, I said "yeah, I see that it's only $6, and it will probably cost $10 for shipping!" So I was skeptical. But upon ordering, there was a 1st class USPS shipping option, which said, "(for keyboard cover only)".


    2. Digital Cameras.

    During my last 2 weeks of work, I went through this period where I really wanted a new digital camera. We have a digital camera. But it SUCKS. The lag time between shots is ridiculous, and it pisses me OFF. So i spent a lot of time looking at the Canon SD700. I found it to be a wee pricey, though, and so was taking my time. Then one of my fellow summer associates let slip that he had been shopping for a digital camera, had settled on the SD700, and that it was going to arrive at the office in 2 business days. So I put my plans on hold, until I could touch his, in real life. I thought for certain that it would clinch the deal.

    Instead, when his arrived, he pointed out the little wheel thingy that switches the camera from photo mode to review mode to video mode, and the fact that people have complained about it, b/c it feels like cheapo plastic. Well, that was the end of THAT love affair. It WAS cheapo plastic, and I was not about to spend $500 for something that included cheapo plastic.

    then I realized that I'd really like something more powerful, if I'm going to spend more than approx $200, and that I'm not ready for that yet. So that's the end of that. No digital camera. There was a moment last week where I lost the little USB connector that goes from my camera to my computer, and I thought, "well, crap, I guess I do need a new camera!" b/c I couldn't upload the photos of the Things' bedroom. But then we went to Staples for school supplies, and I found a replacement USB connector.

    Then we went away this past weekend, and we took some photos. One photo of Thing Two and her friend by the bonfire looked so wonderful on our little 1" x 1" viewfinder. It was perfect. Their smiles were gorgeous, the lighting was great, the picture was clear.

    Then I got home, loaded the pictures on the computer, and what the fuck? The damned photo was all BLURRY. it sucks. It's a wretched picture.

    So, while waiting for my unloving uncaring sister to stop fussing with her son and get back onto the computer to chit-chat with ME ( which clearly should be her higher priority), I did some MORE research, some comparisons, and some sale shopping. I had narrowed it down to either the Canon SD630 or the Canon SD550. Both were being sold for well below $300, and got good reviews. Except, the SD630 didn't have a viewfinder, and some people felt that made it useless in high sun, b/c the screen was not visible. and it was the pricier of the two.

    So I bought the SD550. I bought it through Dell, where it was an additional 20% off, and had free shipping. It was approx $200. The 1MB card was also on sale. So I spent less than $250 total.

    The end. (for now)
    posted by Zuska @ 1:32 PM  
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