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  • Tuesday, August 22, 2006
    Peace Restored; Peace Lost
    Beloved and I talked things through, and came up with a solution for the Battle of the Stuff. We bought a cheapo shelving unit at IKEA today, and he tucked it into a corner on the other side of his computer, and will use it for his books, etc.

    Thing one, however, is definitely about to hit the Double Digits. Her little attitude is really something. She is currently tantruming (in a 10 year old way, not a 3 year old way) b/c she was told not to eat too many cornchips with her black bean soup, but she did. She was able to rationalize her way through a very large bowl of chips, and then, upon finishing 1/3rd of her soup, she declared she was "full." When I pointed out the predictability and unacceptability of this situation, she was very snotty and rude so that she got sent to her room to put on pajamas and with threat of not being able to watch a movie with the family tonight (Swiss Family Robinson).

    Grrr to kids who are snotty and act like they're 15 when in fact they are 10.

    although she is currently at the table, finishing her soup, chatting happily with Beloved about Thursday's trip to the Farmer's Market. So perhaps all is well for the rest of THIS day.
    posted by Zuska @ 7:13 PM  
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