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  • Saturday, August 19, 2006
    no security, no liberty
    No, this is not a political post.

    I was going to write about my splendid weekend, perhaps post a few photos. Then I checked my school's internal bulletin board for the first time after our trip, and I found some upsetting news.

    they canceled my seminar. The professor is "on leave" - this is clearly a last-minute thing, b/c she had just posted looking for some research assistants, and was scheduled to teach TWO classes --- one which they just announced the cancelation of (mine - "Balancing Security and Liberty"), and the other which they announced a new adjunct professor for.

    I am upset. This is the class I thought of taking LAST fall, but went with Family Law instead, b/c I'd just done a summer immersed in Family Law, had some issues I'd love to explore, and thought that I'd do pretty well, due to my recent experience.

    Instead, I got my worst evaluation of my law school career (this was the one that the professor said I wrote a "funny paper," as well as 21.9 other pages' worth of gobbledy gook). So I have ever since regretted taking that class. And since wished I had taken Balancing Security and Liberty. And was very pleased that my opportunity had arrived.

    And now, it has been taken from me.

    My second runner up is a class I registered for back in July, since two of my four classes were limited enrollment. I will be taking Comparative Law. The professor is one that taught Civ Pro my 1L year, and those who had her did NOT like her. Hopefully, this won't present a problem.

    If they offer the Security and Liberty class in the spring, I will NOT have time to take it. I have about 1500 classes I want to take in the Spring, and at the same time, do not want to be loaded down in my final quarter of school. I saw too much senioritis from my 3L friends this past year.

    grrrr. argh.
    posted by Zuska @ 8:54 PM  
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