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  • Saturday, July 29, 2006
    Final Childless Weekends
    My Things come home 2 weeks from today. This weekend is my last do-nothing weekend, and I may be glad for that. Doing nothing isn't so fun for me. It's so damned hot outside (95), that I really do NOTHING. If it were 80, I would be happy to be out and about. But 95 pushes my limits.

    Beloved is working on the girls' room - drills and saws are going strong. It's freaking out the cats, and one went outside after just sitting here YELLING at me for a while. The other is all antsy and can't decide what she wants to do.

    Next weekend is my mother's birthday (she's 56), and I decided to go and have dinner with her. I wanted to just get a zipcar for the day, and go for lunch, but she has to work all day, so I'm going for an overnight. I think my brother is going to come to dinner as well, and hopefully that will go well - he and my mother seem to not be getting along as of late. Beloved will not come, b/c of the girls' room. Which is why I didn't want to stay the night ... but we'll survive.

    Last night, Beloved and I went back to the home of the Allagash Tripel. While we were there, thunder boomed, lightning flashed, and rain came down. As we were leaving, a rainbow was arching in the sky right above us, and the sunset through the breaking clouds put an orange hue over the entire neighborhood. It was gorgeous.

    I also did much better with the beer - knowing what it does to me. I slowly sipped 2 glasses, and was only slightly buzzed in a happy and appropriate way.

    We then rented Napolean Dynamite, on my suggestion after hearing so much about it since it was in theaters pre-law-school. I never felt like I had to turn the movie OFF, but I certainly won't be seeing it again. I hate that. Every time there's a movie I hear about and I want to see, it sucks. Beloved, the Film Dude, rarely has this happen. He picks a movie, and it's b/c he learned about it in Film School, or b/c he knows the director inside and out, or whatever, and we rarely don't like the movie.

    Oh well. At least now we've kept up with the Jones. (Or Juniors.)
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