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  • Tuesday, July 04, 2006
    my tolerance is all messed up
    I do not know what happened tonight. beloved and i went out for dinner at a local favorite place ... i got a beer. I am typically more than capable of handling my beer. One, two, three. Usually - more than fine, perhaps a *slight* tipsy-ness from 3 ... SLIGHT!!

    Tonight, I got a Allagash Triple. It was so very drinkable and yummy and guzzle-able. Beloved had an Allagash White while we were in Bar Harbor, and found it to be low on the alcohol content, so he got a triple. My Beloved is a self-professed light-weight, and I often double his alcohol content WITH NO PROBLEM.

    I had two of these beers, and my vision was swimming. What the hell? I had already ordered a third before I realized the oddity of it, and I took it slow, but didn't leave #3 behind. Beloved was unable to make a dent in his second.

    Allagash Triple. Brewed in Portland, Maine. I highly recommend it (and am not the only one), but also recommend a halving of your typical intake. HALVING. Fortunately, we'd already dropped off our Zipcar, and were on foot after dinner. Beloved made me laugh on our walk home, which was bad, b/c the ensuing hiccups were so persistent, painful, and embarassing as I went into two stores to pick up some necessities (i.e., our respective favorite ice cream flavors) and walked on busy side walks in my community - the one in which I'm raising two children, and know people mostly through school activities. Not the one in which I typically go bar hopping and imbibing to excess resulting in hyper hicupping.

    Oh yeah, I'm super-mature.
    posted by Zuska @ 11:05 PM  
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