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  • Friday, August 10, 2007
    1.a final, uncompromising demand or set of terms issued by a party to a dispute, the rejection of which may lead to a severance of relations or to the use of force.
    2.a final proposal or statement of conditions.

    Yeah, I'm not really sure the people who came up with the title (whether it be for the book or the movie) really understood what the word meant. No demands were made. There was, in fact, much force, but on account of the rejection of demands. And the relations were already severed at the start of the movie. Or even the start of the trilogy.


    Beloved woke up at around 7:30 this morning (NOT a natural occurrence!) to find me still awake, blogging my fool heart out. I told him I was toying with going back to bed, since I got up at ***5***, but he said no, we should go to the gym.

    Frizzum frazzum.

    We went to the gym.

    We were home by 10, caffeinated and exercised. We checked the movie times, and went to see the Bourne Ultimatum. I loved it. I am soooo easily entertained, of course I loved it. I love almost any movie. Except comedies. The vast majority of comedies annoy the shit out of me. But if you have pretty people on the screen, and exciting explosions and car chases (or, better yet, tidal waves and other freak natural occurrences), I'm entertained, and I'm happy.

    I promise, despite my lack of cinematic standards, I'm a very intelligent girl.

    Why we saw a movie today:
    • I felt a little out of it, from the travel
    • The girls come home tomorrow, and we will not have a chance, without paying a sitter, to see a movie in some time
    • We had free passes, from the time we tried to see The Departed, but instead saw the very excellent Pan's Labyrinth. Yeah, it looks like that had been in JANUARY. But the passes didn't expire.
    • We had been thinking of seeing a movie in either Paris or Amsterdam, but just never had the time. Imagine. On vacation in Europe, and we didn't have the time for a movie.
    Then we went for a delicious shawarma, which was very different from the ones we had in Amsterdam, but fantastic in its own right. Then we went to Trader Joe's, so I could stock up on wine, and we could fill the cupboards for the return of our parenthood tomorrow.

    So, welcome back to America!

    I sort of miss Europe.

    Did I mention? Spain is next. Only this time, it's with the kids.

    Well, unless, of course, we run off to Amsterdam over the holidays while the girls are with their father, for a little frolic of holiday shopping and floaty romance.

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