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  • Saturday, July 28, 2007
    Some people just can't let it go ...
    and by their inability to do so, they are FORCING me to also hold on for one minute more. My site meter shows that in the past few days, several people have hit my blog looking for something to do with Massachusetts, commercial paper and secured transactions:

    A funny thing about the MA bar exam.

    I'm sure this is the case in other states: BarBri gave us the "frequency chart" of essay topics, which they used as a suggestion of how to prioritize our study time. Two of the hardest (i.e., most unfamiliar) topics were at the very bottom, having been tested only twice in the past, like 40 exams. Or more. Or something.

    Bottom of the list: Secured Transactions and Commercial Paper.

    Even as late as last week's PMBR class, I was contemplating blowing those topics off. I thought they were dead. I really thought they were being phased out, and that it would be a waste of my time to struggle through something so unfamiliar.

    Then, on the Thursday after PMBR, one week before essay day, I forced myself through Secured Transactions. I didn't mind it so much, b/c it's similar to mortgages which I for some inexplicable reason "get." I decided alright, alright, I'll do commercial paper. Tomorrow.

    It was so difficult for me to do. I didn't want to, and didn't think I had to, but couldn't afford the risk. So I gathered up my note cards, my notes, and my essay book and went to a cafe. I felt that I needed reduced distractions (computer, floors which could be scrubbed, etc.) in order to focus. And I worked through it. I still don't know why "indorsing" a check [I thought it was Endorsing, but whatever] makes someone so damned liable. They're not the one who wrote the damned thing, and it seems pretty freaking unfair that if my employer pays me with a shit-check, *I* am screwed. I found a way to shove my reason aside, though, and just deal with the stupid topic.

    Then I did the practice essays, and I realized I still didn't know squat. I forced myself to memorize Holder in Due Course, and the specifics for each prong, and then I forced myself to learn the presentment warranties (which my friend kept calling the transaction warranties).

    On the exam, we had a secured transactions question in the morning. It was pure Secured Transactions. Nothing else mixed in (well, according to my present memory and my then-abilities). I was glad I learned it, even though I'm not sure I got the answer right. I talked about the right stuff in the process of reaching the maybe-wrong answer. At lunch, everyone was talking about how this meant there would be no Commercial Paper. A friend had heard that both NY and Rhode Island tested Commercial Paper, and she thought that MA would, too. But since we got Secured Transactions, we were free and clear. Everybody can dance now.

    In the afternoon, the first Q was evidence. The second Q was wills. I said too much, I spent too long, I filled up my papers. The third question was ..... commercial paper!!! Commercial paper, Contracts and MA Consumer Protection laws all wrapped into one.

    So we got double-dinged. It was a surprise, for certain. If I had been riskier, I would have walked out of exam day feeling very, very stupid, and convinced that I failed. I am glad I spent the time (even though I'm far from convinced that I didn't fail -- and I won't be until November 15th, or thereabout. Unless I find out then that I did fail).

    And now, for the first time in years, BarBri has to edit their frequency chart to make the "2" next to Secured Transactions a "3" - and both topics will still be at the bottom, but they may not suggest that people prioritize them last on account of the numbers anymore.

    Although, all of their top 14 subjects were tested.

    Wow, we were tested on 16 out of 20 possible topics. From what I can tell, we got slammed this summer. Huh.

    Now - no more! I'm going to Europe! The bar exam is OVER.


    posted by Zuska @ 10:22 AM  
    • At Saturday, July 28, 2007 11:42:00 PM, Blogger Proto Attorney said…

      Congrats on being finished!!! I'm definitely jealous of both that, and of going to Europe!! :) Have a fantastic time!

    • At Monday, July 30, 2007 12:12:00 AM, Blogger Mieke said…

      I am so proud of you!!! I really admire, not only your brain, but you committment to studying. Your method. I am still floundering in my study. Trying to figure out how to be disciplined when my life is so busy. You are an excellent example of what to do right.

      Enjoy Europe! You deserve it. You've done a fantastic job in these last few years.

    • At Sunday, November 04, 2007 5:13:00 AM, Blogger Girl said…

      how was your trip!!! anyway, I was wondering if you are willing to share your MA consumer protection outline. I have taken a bar exam from another state, and this is something that's completely new!
      Any help will be so greatly appreciated.

      My email is

      thank you again for your help

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