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  • Saturday, July 07, 2007
    In my head ...
    Beloved was going to re-arrange the furniture for me.

    But when one comes home from the airport at 7:30 a.m. and falls so dead asleep that she does not hear the sound made when cats knock over all of the contents of the windowsill ... and one stays in said state until 12:30 p.m. (i.e., after noon), one is not tired very early.

    But one's husband did not have the luxury to sleep and sleep and sleep, and had to be at work for the entire day.

    So it would be foolish for one to wait for another to take care of her business for her.

    Therefore, I turned my dining area into a pathetic-looking bachelor-esque eating center (we have plans to hang art on the wall, I swear):

    and I turned my kids' bedroom into something .... nasty:

    I went to the night class tonight. It's so weird how the breaks during my morning class are welcome respites. Times to chat with those around me, and enjoy the break in the monotony. Breaks during these unfamiliar sessions, however, are nothing but NOISE. These people I don't know, the culture I am not familiar with - it's loud, and it's intrusive into my life and my head and my peacefulness.

    I spent the afternoon catching up with property. I hate property.

    But you know what? Property isn't supposed to be happening this week. This week is supposed to be this:

    But do you see all those arrows and cross outs and circles? That means "I am going to hang out with my daughters, and blow off BarBri." This behavior started last week, when I had my property lectures. See? Even more arrows:

    Loops, even.

    So today, I finally went through the property notes. Then I finally started those property intermediate questions, which I should have done before the mock exam last Friday ....

    Guess how I did?

    Yeah, that's 4 right out of 15 (yes, I am one of those people who stops and checks my answers as I go along). Which is no better than I did last Friday, when I ended up in the 16th percentile for the Real Property questions ... which I tried to say was "okay" since I hadn't done these practice Q's and hadn't yet condensed my notes, and and and ....

    So tonight, while waiting for the evening class to start, I spent my time in a constructive fashion:


    I'm not really sure why I'm making note cards. The only point is to write the information down. When I write (not type), I learn. I could very well just write it over and over on a piece of lined paper. But for some reason, I do it on note cards. There have been (rare) occasions where I later go back and review the note cards. This bar exam nonsense may be one of those times, but since I've (wasted? spent? blown off? prioritized?) time with my family up until now, I may not have time to review note cards.

    You know what? I need to go to bed. It's 1 a.m.!!

    ** Don't I have funky handwriting? I can't help but to look at the handwriting of those around me, and really, I think mine is weird. It's really not very girl-like. Nor is it very boy-like. I'm a handwriting FREAK.


    posted by Zuska @ 12:26 AM  
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