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  • Saturday, July 07, 2007
    I know, I know ....
    I'm clearly not in bed.

    I felt that I should share what tomorrow consists of.

    Not note cards.

    or questions.

    but rather ... the gym, then shoe-shopping with Beloved, then 2 movies.

    I was going to buy new sandals. Remember my angst over shoes?

    Well, during my note card extravaganza before class tonight, I remembered that I had Dansko sandals. They were perfect for my Berkeley, CA sole-practitioner lawyer office that I worked in pre- law school, but were woefully UNdressy for Summer Firm, and woefully OVER dressy for the student life. So they've been stuck in a closet for a while.

    I know that in that past post, I said it was Dansko shoes that hurt my foot, and that I can't wear. But that was the clogs:

    They have a different heel. These are the sandals:

    I also still wear Dansko heels ... and I love them. These are my faves:

    God, I love those shoes.

    I have these, too:

    I'm starting to think that, perhaps, maybe, I have too many shoes. (Beloved, I hear you snorting. Stop it.)

    Anyway -- the sandals pictured above are (once again) THIS year's shoe. Mine are either last year's, or the year before's, or the year before's. When I pulled them out and put them on this eve, I felt that my sore foot was miraculously HEALED. Not just 'hurting less,' but rather HEALED.

    So I am thinking I may wear them in Europe.

    But they're last year's shoes. Or the year before's. Or the year before's.

    So I'm going to wear one of my Europe outfits tomorrow, while out with Beloved, and my old shoes. I'm going to try on the new shoes. If the new (this year's) shoes look a LOT better, I'll have to upgrade.

    If, that is, my foot continues to feel HEALED.

    After the shoe decision-making (mine is only half of it - Beloved is really no easier to shop for, when it comes to shoes, and he is also in the market), we are going to see Pirates 3. Then, we are going to have some dinner. Then, we are going to see Oceans 13.

    My mother was quick to comment this evening on how wretched Oceans 12 was. Whatever. Yeah, it sort of sucked. But you know what? There were many beautiful people in the movie. Beautiful owners of both penises and vaginas. And they were ALL fun to look at. Therefore, I did not care that the movie was really sub-par. I hear that this one is better. But really, who cares? The beautiful people remain, and for this movie - that's why I go. There are other movies that I go to in order to watch things blow up. Others that I go to so that I can see pretty scenery. And yet others that I go to so I can learn about different cultures and characters. There are yet even others that I pay money to see because I want to support a cause that I care a lot about. And some that I may want to see, but won't, b/c I won't support a person or issue that I oppose.

    Oceans 13? It's about the beauty. The end.

    Pirates 3, too, really. But there's also cool stuff - like waves and whirlpools and ships that break in half and stuff.

    We actually had a hard time finding a theater that was still showing Pirates, and we were thinking we may have to alter our double feature. I want to see Sicko. But I just don't have the mental energy right now. My mental energy is spent studying and missing my daughters. I'll see Sicko, I promise.

    It just may have French or Dutch subtitles running across the bottom of the screen at the time.
    posted by Zuska @ 1:04 AM  
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