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  • Sunday, May 06, 2007
    Finally, at home, just the 4 of us.
    Wow. My head is spinning. The weekend was so intense. We had kids here, kids there, kids at soccer, kids at softball, kids at cello, kids at birthday parties.

    Friday evening started crazy.

    But I want to first say: I was a very happy girl. I had on an old skirt that was un-closable for some time, and on Friday, it was baggy all over, but most notably in the hips. Where I rarely have room for baggy. It was fun to wear a summer skirt, some pretty sandals, and a linen blouse. And I didn't feel like a cow.

    I ran into friends on the soccer field, and all of a sudden had plans for dinner, plans to gather with others for wine, and was forced (arm twisting and everything) to call Beloved and tell him "don't go to the store! don't cook dinner!" It was a fun evening, and yet, something about the night left me feeling a little .... blech. Not sure what. I didn't drink too much (at all), didn't behave inappropriately (at all) ... perhaps I just missed Beloved? Not sure.

    I got up early (for me) on Saturday to go for a run, and picked up E on the way home --- I forced all 3 kids (a friend of J's adding the 3rd point to the triangle) through the motions required to get out the door. Then Beloved went with them to a soccer game, and I sat down with an IP outline.

    An IP outline which is going MUCH slower than I wanted it to, and which I'm not looking forward to sitting down with again. And the exam is in 10 days, and before that one comes Securities Regulation, which I've done even LESS work for. Woe is me.

    E's friend came over Saturday night, and we had to go for a walk to buy a gift for the party on Sunday. We also had to buy some Coronas to go with Beloved's cinco de mayo feast. And cokes for the girls.

    E had some difficulty behaving in her normal manner with a friend around. I noticed at least 3 different times that she was pushing me. I also noticed in those moments just how well behaved my kids are.

    1) We were in Paper Source, getting paper to wrap the kids' present in, and I had finished paying - the 2 girls were over at a display looking at pens and pencils. I said, "Come on girls, we're going" and headed for the door. E came over, but when she saw her friend hadn't budged, she went to see what was up. I had to say, "girls?" like 3 more times. Still, nothing. What the hell? My girls never do that! NEVER. I eventually had go to over there [4 whole steps] and GET them. I was stunned.

    2) The girls are allowed to go to the park behind our house on their own. Never truly alone, always with one other, which is usually their sister, but not always. They are required to stay together, and not let the other out of their sight. They also have a 30 minute limit, where they have to come check in with me. They can then go for another 30 minutes, but I need them to check in. I also am more than prone to going out and checking on them while they're out. there. Yesterday E and J went with E's friend. In pretty much exactly 30 minutes, J came back. Alone. What the fuck? She said that E and her friend were being mean to her, and telling her to "stop following them" - and when she said, "it's time to go in," they refused.

    I had just gotten to my feet to drag E home by the hair* when they came in the door. For the first time in her life, E received a nasty lecture in front of a friend. I was very unhappy with her for breaking at least 2 rules, not to mention the general rule that you don't treat your family like shit just so you can look cool in your friends' eyes. I mean, come ON.

    3) This a.m., we had to go to cello, and straight from there, E and her friend had a bday party to go to, and straight from that, they were going to softball. It was a marathon. E had to pack her softball bag, pack up her cello, shower, get dressed, brush her hair. Since she had approx 3.5 hours from the time she woke up to the time we left, you'd think it would be okay. No. She dawdled or dwaddled, or whatever the hell is the proper word. She was told to shower, and 30 minutes later, found her sitting on the floor picking her nose or whatever. Anything but showering. I ended up having to be super naggy in front of her friend. Which I didn't really like, but, she asked for it. This wasn't such atypical behavior, it's just usually limited to school days, and usually only on the worst of days.

    Now it's already 8:15, and it feels like we got nothing done all weekend. I also didn't get a chance to go running today, and feel like a lazy butt because of it. But today, I was anything but lazy. So I'm gonna let it go. I'll go to the gym tomorrow - right before I go get my $815 money order for my stupid bar application fee.

    *anyone who knows me knows this is a figure of speech.
    posted by Zuska @ 7:53 PM  
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