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  • Wednesday, April 25, 2007
    Today, I am a typical ex-wife
    Oh boy did I go off. I am not proud, and I have said as much to my current and ex husband.

    I started to write out the details of what went on, but I'm not sure they matter. What I said [I mean, yelled] at the ex was that I am sick and tired of having to clean up his messes; I'm sick of having to rearrange day after day after day to deal with yet another thing that he screwed up with; I am tired of dealing with crying girls, because he has let them down yet again. I told him taht he can't get a single fucking thing right, and that it's ridiculous that he expects Beloved and I to drop everything to make it all better for the girls .... every time. Big and small.

    This time was small. Which is why I felt like a fool. But it's coming on the heels of big, and then another big ... although I opted not to dwell on negative, and didn't blog about.

    I regretted making the phone call. Only because 1) I like to think I'm above your typical ex behavior; 2) it gives him fodder for condescending and rude comments for the rest of my life.

    I came home (from being out in the rain, running from class to softball to stores to try and replace the item that the ex fucked up with) and had an email from him, as I expected, but it's tone was not what I expected. He was more apologetic/explanatory than angry and indignant. I was surprised by that.

    I said nothing untrue. I still am not proud. I may end up revisiting the post I left behind, though. To sort of explain my bitterness and fierceness on behalf of my kids. :(


    posted by Zuska @ 8:09 PM  
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