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  • Thursday, April 19, 2007
    Sun and Sushi
    We've had miserable weather here in New England, probably for a week now. Everyone knows about the Nor'easter that parked itself in our sky, mucking with the marathon, and resulting in a 1 week tax reprieve, right? It was just so gloomy and windy and cold. It certainly didn't feel like April.

    Today, however, things are on the mend. It was still sprinkling this a.m., but I bravely said, "fuck it!" and rode my bike to school anyway (first time all week), and didn't even put on rain pants. I was barely damp upon arrival at school, so I wasn't regretful.

    When I got out of the gym at noon, however, the sun! It was blinding me! My eyes were not used to such bright and natural light! I went in frantic search for sunglasses as I smiled about how grateful I was that I rode the bike today. If I was on a stinky groaning BUS in this weather, I would have been pissed off!

    As of right now, the weathermen are telling us that we're going to have high 70s early next week. Wow.

    I'm going out with friends tonight. I feel so ... real. Like a real person. I have friends. We go out. Different friends, even, from those who I pahtied with on Saturday (and how). Spending years moving and moving and divorcing and moving while raising young children wasn't so conducive to making friends. Life feels better this way.

    One of my friends asked a couple of us if we were free on Tuesday eve, but I really just wasn't. Beloved and I had plans .... we were getting Shawarmas! And I had a lot of IP reading to do. And it was wet, and cold, and snotty out. I also was waiting to hear if my bar loan application was going to go through, and feeling a little pinched in the wallet. So I said, "no, but can we do Thursday?" And it looks like it's working out.

    I love sushi.

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