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  • Tuesday, April 17, 2007
    The Lonely American Idol Rundown
    The girls are gone ... and therefore, so is some of the fun of American Idol.

    I thought Phil Stacey was bland. I thought his shirt was too tight, and he looked icky.

    Jordin rocks. I hope she wins. Or at least ends up in the top 2, with Blake.

    Sanjaya, in my opinion, is stronger now than he was at the start of the top 20. I didn't think he was as horrendous as Simon thought he was. I don't think he comes close to the same caliber as Jordin or Melinda, or Lakisha or Blake, and I'm mad at him for taking up the top spot. He doesn't deserve it at all - even with the bandana.

    Lakisha was fine, and I still think she's a top talent. I liked the song she did for her (even though she said the word "jesus" 4,000 times). I am just not on with the judges tonight.

    Chris sounded like crap, I don't like his singing-style, and I didn't think country worked for him. I found it funny that he argued with Simon over the nasal-sounding quality of his voice. I guess I kind of thought they were all beyond that now. I also CRACKED UP when he gave a shout-out to Virginia Tech, and the camera focused on Simon rolling his eyes.

    Thank you to Simon for telling Melinda to lose the surprise-look. At this point, it just seems like a put on. It's annoying. I hope she takes his advice further than tonight. She was good. I still want her to go home. I loved her hair tonight - her hair and face were prettier than I've ever seen them (especially once she lost that fake surprise look), but I didn't like her clothes at all. [go home, melinda; go home, melinda; go home, melinda]

    Blake, in my opinion, sounded far from his best tonight. I may have to actually pick up the phone tonight, just to try and help him through this week. I'm writing this before the judges' feedback. They'll probably say he was great, since I think he's not-so-hot. He's not "on" - but I love his moves and his clothes, and I would seek him out after hearing him on the radio. He's the only one I say that about. Ever. [And I was right - the judges liked him. Except Simon, who seemed to slightly agree with me.]

    My go home this week: Chris. Second choice to go home - Phil. I wish that either Sanjaya or Melinda would go home - but I know they won't. I mean, Melinda wouldn't go home - she would go straight into some studio where she would make records and do well. Which is why I want her off the show. I question whether it's appropriate to allow a professional singer - backup or no - to take part in the contest. Paula says that Melinda is their "resident professional" as a compliment ... but it's true. She's already made it with her singing more than most do. She has an edge over them, and I think it makes the contest slightly inconsequential.

    My top 2 faves - same for the past few weeks - Blake and Jordin.

    p.s. I so did not miss Haley tonight - for a minute there, I couldn't even remember who got voted off last week!

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