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  • Tuesday, January 16, 2007
    I am not sure if I miss the Berkeley-Zuska, who watched no television. I am enjoying having a few shows that I watch.

    I am HUGELY tempted to watch American Idol for the first time this year - and to do it with the girls. Beloved is not happy about the idea, but I'm still pondering. I know when I was their age, I did have weekly shows that I watched with the family, and I enjoyed it. We have no shows that we watch together -- which I like. So do I want to trade the girls' non-t.v. culture (for the most part) for something that I enjoyed as a kid?

    The point of this post, however, is NOT a show I will be watching with the girls. It's to express my displeasure with 24. Not enough displeasure to even CONSIDER not watching the show - but displeasure nonetheless.

    First of all, I am displeased with the "more of the same." I read somewhere that it was NOT more of the same this year. That it was "different" and "brand new." Oh, really? So chasing multiple suitcase nukes around L.A. is "so different" than chasing multiple canisters of nerve gas around L.A.? Or chasing the fix to nuclear meltdowns of power plants? I think it's just like both of those seasons - first there's one catastrophe. And you think, "well, if this just happened, what will happen in the OTHER 20 hours?" And it's the same thing, "oh, but this was not the only one! There are 4 more! he he he."

    And, I was unhappy that they started the season with a middle-eastern family which is made up of at least one terrorist AGAIN. They did that last year!!

    I also found myself confused as to what political message the show is trying to send. Beloved said they're NOT - they're just taking every present-day situation to a logical end. But we see a family standing by a boy of obvious middle-eastern descent, just to have a gun turned on them and their lives threatened; we see blatant extremism as to the obliteration of our civil liberties portrayed as a negative thing - and then potential evidence that the suspension in those liberties is effective (i.e., men in the "detention center" talking about the bombs that are planned and clearly being on the inside of terrorist networks). I just couldn't figure it out, and it was bugging me. (that's an e. thing to say "she is bugging me lately" "he is bugging me." "that is bugging me" -- everything bugs her).

    I did, however, almost cry when Jack shot Curtis. I have always loved Curtis. I don't want him to be dead. I also liked that Jack was affected by it. Maybe we all need a little Chinese torture in our lives, so we can all be a little more human.

    Next Monday, Heroes is back, opposite of 24. Heroes will be an iTunes acquisition for me. Now I want one of those new Apple thingies that connect the computer to the t.v. Or else, I would, if I had a modern television, but I do not. And it is super low on my priority list. SUPER LOW.
    posted by Zuska @ 9:52 AM  
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