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  • Monday, January 15, 2007
    Yummy Meme
    I have been tagged! She Says found this delightful food-based meme, and tagged me with specific instructions to pass it along to my Beloved. Done.

    1. If you were stuck on an island and could only eat one cuisine (e.g., French, Italian, etc.) for the rest of your life, what would it be? Why?

    Wow. That's hard. I hate to say this, really, but I think I'd choose classic American foods. I think it would be hardest for me to give up things like juicy steak, burgers and fries and Mac & cheese (contradicts my answer to #4) -- FOREVER. Saying this makes me feel very middle-america.

    2. What is the most unusual food you've eaten?
    I had a brain of some sort. I don't remember what sort ... but it was when I was visiting a family friend in Spain. It's actually a horrible memory, b/c our friend had always talked about eating (I believe it was brain of Lamb) when visiting us in Connecticut, and I always made it clear that I was NOT interested. When I went to Spain to spend time with her and her family, she "tricked" me and served me a breaded dish and told me it was "fish." I ate it, and I didn't like it. It was mushy, and distinctly NOT fish-like. When she told me it was brain, I was quite upset. Funny -- my parents just went to Spain this past fall to attend this friend's wedding, and they met her parents for the first time, and they told her that they were SOOO upset when I was there, b/c after that "trick" - I stopped eating. I wouldn't eat anything. I didn't remember that, and felt kind of bad that they remembered it that way. I was a jerk, really.

    3. What is the most unusual food you've eaten and liked?
    For me, back in 1999, it was very unusual for me to eat raw fish. Sushi is now an absolute favorite of mine and my daughters'. I'm really having a mental block on other unusual foods right now.

    4. What foods will you avoid eating (either because of a dietary choice or allergies or just plain don't like)?

    I try to stay away from pure starches. Pasta, white breads, white potatos, rice. I can't always (and don't always want to) avoid them -- but if I am able to make a choice as to what to eat, I will choose things that are not heavy on the white flour/white starch. The reason? In 1999/2000, I lost my baby-weight by cutting out these white flour starches, and I felt healthier than I ever had before. I looked good, I had less stomach-aches and gas, and was generally happier with my body.

    5. Do you cook (and by that, I mean prepare a meal that you'd serve to friends)?
    I am capable. I cooked for my family (extended) on Christmas Eve, and did a good job. Otherwise, we don't do much entertaining, mostly b/c of law school, kids, and a small apartment. When we are ready to do entertaining, I would be willing to cook for friends. Despite the fact that Beloved is the primary cook in our house for day-to-day, I think I would be the one who is more likely to cook for company.

    6. If yes, what is your favorite dish to prepare to impress someone?
    I used to always make stuffed mushrooms when I was going to people's houses and asked to bring a dish, and that is one of the things I made this past Christmas, and I still have the knack for them, apparently. I have also just picked recipes that look good from magazines and cook books, and had success.

    7. When you go to a restaurant, what's your ordering strategy/preference?
    I am so mood-driven. If I'm in a red meat mood, that's all that I even look at. I tend NOT to order fish at restaurants, b/c I fear it will be too dry or too fishy or too something, and I won't like it. I do tend to have favorites at a restaurant, and order that every time. I fear trying something new and hating it ... I don't go out often enough to waste the opportunity!

    8. Have you ever returned a dish or wine to the kitchen at a restaurant? Why?
    Once, at Applebys (I know, I know, what do I expect?) I returned a dish b/c mixed in with the spinach artichoke dip was a healthy-sized peice of plastic wrap. That was the last time I set foot in one of those restaurants. I wouldn't have been there then, if it weren't for the fact that it was my parents' choice, and going to one of their "safe places" is sometimes easier than forcing something different (for them). Another time, at another chain restaurant, my food was cold in the center. I complained, but didn't have time to send it back.

    9. How many cookbooks do you own?
    We probably have 10-15? We use them rarely, except for the [Better Homes & Gardens?] I like magazines (Cooking Light remains my favorite for at least 10 years now), and the internet.

    10. What is one food that you wouldn't want to live without?
    Cheese. Either as a snack or as a compliment to my food. I love cheese. On everything. I am so grateful that I am not Jewish.

    I already tagged Beloved, and I'd like to see also what Lyco has to say on the topic of food. All are welcome to tease me for my answer to #1. I must say, I surprised myself.

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