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  • Tuesday, January 16, 2007
    More on travel
    I meant to address this in the last post, but I ended up going on a typical oldest-child guilt fest rant instead.

    Beloved and I still plan to go to Europe after the bar exam. I am really excited, and getting moreso now that it's actually 2007. We were talking some last night. I was trying to decide if I should grow my hair long again for the trip, or keep it short until? Beloved thinks I should keep it short, since showers are different over there, and having to wash my very thick hair while long could be a pain in the ass without the water pressure I'm used to. I think I'll do that - keep it short for a while.

    We were also talking about how we both would like to lose weight before our trip. And how it would be fun to not bring clothes, but rather shop as we go. That, of course, brings up my anxiety about $$$.

    $$$$ sucks. It almost sucks MORE knowing that a healthier income is in my future. I won't be starting work until months after I take the bar exam, and that includes the first part of the girls' school year, which is always expensive. I need to buy school clothes, and sign them up for their acting classes, pay for their after-school program, and on and on. It's crazy-expensive!! And I will have no income!! Nice.

    Really, I'm freaking out over nothing. Between the bar loan I'm planning on taking and the advance on my salary from Future Firm, I should be more than fine. I just need to take deep breaths, and not use retail therapy to get over bar exam stress ... but rather, exercise therapy. If I am worried about the exam, I'll go for a run, not to

    And then all will be well.
    posted by Zuska @ 9:26 AM  
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