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  • Tuesday, January 23, 2007
    We Have Snow!
    Alright, so it's just a dusting. Leave me alone - I'm trying to find a moment of happiness here.

    I got up at 5 this morning, and went for a run, in the snow. I thought it would be beautiful and peaceful and invigorating. It was everything I imagined EXCEPT peaceful. Why? Because the little layer of snow under my sneakers kept going "crunch, crunch, crunch" and it was honestly a wee annoying.

    Last week was absolutely frigid (13 degrees BEFORE windchill), so I skipped running most days. I went during the day (when it got up to a damn-near tropical 27 with windchill of 13) over the weekend, but today was the first time I woke at 5 in a while. I can do it IF and only IF I put my alarm clock across the room. Problem being that I have been sleeping with earplugs in, to drown out the snores of my Beloved, and I don't always HEAR the alarm clock when it's across the room. Fortunately, Beloved does not sleep with earplugs in, so he can grunt and kick at me, and then I get out of bed.

    I typically am pretty damned busy at work. Yesterday, for example, I was supporting an attorney who had to leave for a hearing at 1:15 p.m. I was working on that, and in the meantime, fielding new assignments and having "quick meetings" with partners and other associates on projects I'd finished or was about to take on. Before I knew it, it was 1:58, and I realized I'd been hungry for some time. But that was the first chance I had to look at teh clock, let alone eat.

    Today, however, I'm working on a few projects that are longer term, and have little pressure. I also got up at 5 a.m. and went running. I think that those two things converged to make me RAVENOUS before noon. I mean, STARVING. I did have breakfast (Beloved made me a blueberry smoothie -- mmmm), and a fruit snack (a grapefruit), and a latte this morning. That's more than I usually have. Yet hunger took over.

    Fortunately, we had some FANTASTIC leftovers (beloved's spinach eggplant lasagna). I had them yesterday for lunch, and again today. God, that thing was good. It was definitely the best version of this particular meal that he's made. Mostly because it kept its form like a true lasagna, and the thinness of the eggplant made me really feel like I was eating noodles.

    But I'm NOT eating noodles. Not this month. Because when I don't eat noodles, or white potatoes, or processed flours in general, I shrink. Historically. I'm in the mood to shrink.

    And YES, I played a video game this past weekend. Geez. You'd think I had ... I don't know ... went and worked on a Republican campaign or something, for all the "ooh, zuska's got a secret" hubaloo over there. It's a fun little game - like the Super Mario Brothers of my childhood. What I need is more time where I am home and the kids are not - so I can be a hypocrite in private!!

    I love the way, too, that my darling beloved mentioned not a word about the fact that HE was the one who brought the damned video game into the house (well, the Playstation), and that a couple of weeks ago, it was him who played "Parappa the Rapper" with the girls for HOURS on end. HOURS. Until I came into the room and said, "um, this isn't going to be our whole day, is it?"

    So it's his fault.

    I also read a book. I read the Memory Keeper's Daughter, by Kim Edwards, for my book group. I found that it dragged a bit over misery in the middle of the book, but I really liked the last 1/4th, and recommend the book. I am thinking of suggesting either The Night Watch by Sarah Waters or The Emperor's Children, by Claire Messud. Both recommendations are kind of cheating, because they are books I've started, and didn't have the time to follow through and finish, because of a combination of doing work at home, getting sucked into perusing the internet with my precious few kid-free evening moments, or reading book group books. So if I can make the books that I want to read BE those book group books, well, isn't that two birds and just one rock?

    I was thinking, however, that my books recommendations may just secure my place as the baby of the group. Everyone in the group has a kid who is in e.'s grade. Some have younger kids as well, some have older, some have both. But regardless of the kids, I am the youngest in the group by at least 7 years. I am 34, and the next youngest is 41. These books I'm recommending? The main characters of both are 30-somethings. The two books I've read with the book group thus far cover a span of years - they take the reader through the different stages of families. Both of mine are wandering younger folk - not yet with families (I know this, because as I said, I've started both).

    Although, I know they read Persepolis I and II, and the main character of those was a kid.

    I think I'll recommend them, and see what happens. The Emporer's Children was right alongside The Memory Keeper's Daughter on the New York Times Best of 2006 list. [Actually - I was wrong. The Memory Keeper's Daughter isn't there. I thought it was ....]

    In the meantime, since we don't meet until next Thursday, I'm going to follow in my daughter's footsteps, and read Eragon. She enjoyed it so much, she refuses to see the movie. She said she heard that compared to the book, the movie stinks, and so she's not interested.

    Speaking of book-to-movie ... I read Little Children over the summer, and I pretty much hated it. I didn't find any of the characters to be likable, and more importantly, I didn't find them believable. I found the affair to be ridiculous and not genuine. For that reason, I thought I'd never see the movie. But now Kate Winslet is getting nominated for her role, and I'm wondering if perhaps it's one of those books that should have gone straight-to-screenplay (in my opinion, of course)? I think I'll try and see it. I really like Kate Winslet.


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