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  • Wednesday, September 06, 2006
    Zuska the Slavedriver ... and the Driven.
    Emz forgot that the first day of school was tomorrow, and wore the outfit she had decided was her "first day of school outfit" yesterday to her acting class. So it was in the hamper. I made overly grumpy faces about this fact, and before she caught on that I was going for HUMOR, she said, "if you want, I'll wash them myself." he he he.

    Is 10 (well, 19 days shy of 10) too young to do one's own laundry? How about one's own laundry plus the soggy towels left by both herself and her sibling on the bathroom floor? Also, with a pair of mom's jammies thrown in?

    No? Good. Because she did. I walked her through starting the first load in the washer, and from then on, she was on her own. She really didn't mind, and seemed to enjoy learning something new. It is unlikely that she will have a new chore to do ... she probably won't have time to do the chores she had been doing this year. She has soccer, acting, cello, after school program, and i think that's it, but it feels like a LOT.

    I ran into a professor of mine in the town library today. I had Julez and 2 of her friends with me. He was grading papers and keeping 1/4th an eye on his daughter (who is Emz' age).

    I find it very odd to have my two, typically distinct, worlds intersect.

    We got word today on when Julez' soccer practice is. It's on Weds., from 4-5. Emz has her acting-doohicky on weds from 2:30-5:30. I *think* she'll be able to get to her acting thing with others (I need to set that up, still, though - i'm being slow, b/c we have that freedom with beloved home for right now), and so we need to get Julez to soccer practice for 4, and then pick her up at 5, and jog up to a different part of town to pick up Emz for 5:30.

    Yikes! I'm sure it will all work out. (deep breaths, deep breaths).
    posted by Zuska @ 9:22 PM  
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