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  • Monday, September 18, 2006
    no tax shelter
    today was the deadline for my applications for my final stint of working in the winter. I get to apply to 10 places, and they all have different requirements. all of them want a resume, of course, but some want writing samples, some want other co-op evaluations, some want course evaluations, some want references. It was okay - i was ready. Julez and I went to Kinkos on Saturday while Emz was at a friend's and Beloved was making meat sauce fantastico, made all hte copies, and then came home where I assembled all the packages.

    All set, right?

    No. I went to the office this a.m., and found that I forgot that I needed 6 extra copies of my resume and 3 extra copies of all supplemental materials. I had allotted a period during the afternoon with no classes to read my INCREDIBLY SHORT tax assignment (seriously, like a total of 8 pages). But instead, I was making copies and reassembling packages.

    I was hanging out in our common area afterward, relatively comfortable with showing up to Tax without having read, when I ran into a classmate who reminded me that my row was "on call" for the reading. He didn't remind me. He told me. It somehow went over my head. Probably because i knew that I had more than enough time to prepare, and would certainly be ready to answer some piddly question. ha ha!! my procrastination and the co-op demands conspired against me!
    • it's not my fault.
    • i didn't have time.
    • they didn't tell me!!!
    No, just kidding. it was my fault - i should have had time, and they DID tell me. This is my third time in this process, for crying out loud!

    I shrugged and said, "i'm not going." there was no way in HELL I was going to show up for a class I hadn't read for, and be CALLED ON!! I'd never done that in my life, and am NOT going to start as a 3L. No fucking way.

    But the boy from my class convinced me that the assignment was short enough that I could wolf down my salad, and read the stupid 8 pages.

    So I did. and I didn't get called on.

    which is a good thing.

    Why? Since i did quickly digest 8 pages of Code and conjecture thereon?

    because i couldn't focus. twice, the professor called on people, and i realized that if it were me, i would have not even known what the topic was! It was 3:30, and I was pooped. i went to bed at 1 a.m., got up at 5:20 (and had a great run, wherein i felt wide awake and alive ...) then I went from holding office hours as a tutor to Comparative Law to Professional Responsibility (printing out resumes, short writing assignments, and reference lists in the 15 minutes between classes) to the scurry of major copying, to realizing i hadn't eaten, and calling beloved to check in. then by the time I sat down for Tax .... my brain wasn't screwed in properly.

    but then, i went to Trader Joe's, and browsed in the vino department for a while. i had about 40 minutes to wander around, and slowly look around, and ran into a friend, who made fun of me for my Starbucks coffee, and then went to pick up Julez from her acting thingamajiggy (hard to define).

    i thought all was well ..... i didn't know what was brewing with my other child, though, and really, Tax should have been hte high point of my day.

    grrrr. argh.
    posted by Zuska @ 8:25 PM  
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