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  • Saturday, September 16, 2006
    soccer - day one
    the girls both had soccer games today - both at 9 a.m. (i'm very tired now, as a result). I had gone with Julez to her practice on Wednesday, and had a chance to see her play there. Today, I went to Emz' game, and beloved went with Julez.

    Emz did pretty well, for it being her first time ever playing. She was right there on the ball, doing her best. She is often afraid of balls. She was not today. She was good.

    But the report from Julez was not so good :( I was/am very sad for her. She soooo loves playing, and loves being on a team, and today, there were problems with the other team. Apparently, they were on average a foot taller than J's team. They also were more aggressive. But two of the girls on J's team reacted badly, and started to cry and yell to the point of being pulled from the game, and the tone was really really sour. They had accused the other team of purposefully stepping on their feet, and elbowing them.

    Poor Julez was practically in tears over it, because the situation made the game not fun. She wasn't in the game during the quarter that had the issues, and beloved said it was hard for the coach (or any adult) to fully know how to react, because no one saw anything happen, and when the 2 girls on J's team were having hissy fits, they were 2 goals behind (where they stayed) and it slightly rung of poor sportsmanship.

    I am trying to say it was a bad day, and be optimistic about the rest of the season. In some ways, I am feeling rather regretful, because there had been some discussion of moving J to the OTHER team comprised of girls from her school, including her "best friend." i made the decision NOT to switch her, because her team was fine, and i don't fully believe in mucking up the works in order to keep best friends together. beloved and i discussed it, and even thought it would be good to keep them separate -- what if they have differing abilities? what if they get in a fight, and end up not playing good b/c of it? what if they are so busy chit-chatting that they don't focus on the game?

    now that her team may suck, i feel badly. i wish i had? or not?
    posted by Zuska @ 11:38 AM  
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