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  • Sunday, September 10, 2006
    officially a soccer mom
    i don't think i can keep up with two blogs. besides, i love this template, and don't want to put anything in a boring icky blogger-generated template.

    so, we took the kids to City Sports today, and bought $186 worth of soccer gear. shin guards, balls (they each need their own, because they're each required to bring them to the games and practices, and sometimes, they have games at the same time), soccer-socks, water bottles, and soccer shorts. And Julez needed cleats. Emz got hand-me-downs from a close friend, and really didn't make a single complaint about not getting her own. So I bought her a new pair of flip-flops, which were on sale.

    She really only wears flip-flops right now, and had worn hers down so far that it was like she was walking on the concrete directly. I was astonished when I had to go into the women's section ... all the kids' sizes were too small for her. I was so amazed yesterday when her friend said she's wearing a women's size 7 .... her friend is almost 2 years older, so it wasn't such an insane idea ... but today, Emz bought a women's size 6!!! yikes.

    We then came home, and the girls got all outfitted, and we went to the park for them to break in their new gear. They had a really great time, and after a while, Beloved met up with us (he had parted ways after the run to City Sports, so that he could do the week's grocery shopping), and he kicked the ball around with them for a while, as I sat on a bench and read a book.

    he was mad at me, b/c I refused to kick a ball around with the kids. But first of all, I had on sandals. Second of all, I suck. Last week, I pitched a softball to them, and played catch with them, and did softball stuff, and if I didn't have on sandals, I probably would have participated today - but I did not. He said I was being sexist, and furthering the stereotypes that Dads play sports and Moms sit on benches.

    But I had on sandals!! And I was good last week!!!

    The girls ran around for a solid two hours, and are now quite tired. Hopefully that will help them get some sleep tonight, since they slept in until 9 this a.m., and tomorrow must return to the harsh reality of 6:40. Yikes.

    Emz has a conflict this week ... it shouldn't be typical, but her extra acting gig has a dress rehearsal on Friday until 5:30, and her soccer practice is from 4:30 to 5:30. I wanted her to leave practice early in order to make soccer, but she REALLY sees the rehearsal as a priority. I am going to let her make that call .... she also said it's a performance that WE can go to. The rest are in schools during the school day, and we likely can't go (to schools that my kid aren't students, in the middle of the school day? probably not). So that's what we'll do.

    And, in only 10 days, we leave for Disneyland in honor of Emz turning 10. Woo hoo!!
    posted by Zuska @ 4:58 PM  
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