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  • Sunday, August 27, 2006
    2 year contract
    Before I moved to New England, I signed up for an AT&T Go Phone. I needed a phone for the apartment hunt, and I felt that I would do better with a number local to where I was trying to get a place. I was able to sign up in CA for a New England number, but since I didn't know what service worked best, etc., i got a "pay as you go" plan --- the Go Phone.

    I really never use my cell phone. I think it's because I am old. I just haven't made that switch from a land line, and voice mail that I can check from anywhere, to a cell phone.

    Perhaps that's not why. I mean, I have made the switch from the USPS to e-mail perfectly fine. From typewriters to word processors gleefully. From walkman tape players to iPods with absolute finesse.

    Maybe the real reason is because I live in a semi-basement apartment, and the cell phone doesn't work worth shit. Maybe because being a Head of Household to 2 kids makes it more convenient to have a phone in the house where all people can be reached.

    but I don't use my cell. So having to pay $25 every time I run out of minutes works well. If I'm on a trip, I'll pay that up to 3x in a week, but typically, during my normal life, it's once every 6 weeks, if not more.

    But, as many people may know, Cingular bought AT&T.

    At first, it seemed that this would be okay. What do I care if the name that shows up on my bank statement starts with a C instead of an A???

    But then Cingular started to call all the time, and say that they were gonna dump us if we didn't "switch over" to a new account. they said that I had to go into a Cingular store, and just easily move myself over from one to the other and they'd even give me a free phone, which i need --- no, which I want.

    Beloved also has the Go Phone, and so he was getting the same calls.

    I went into the store right near my house right after I got my haircut on Thursday.

    And guess what the boy said to me?

    Oh, I know that they're telling you to come into the store, but actually, you need customer service, and we don't have access to that, so you need to call.

    I was mad. And I decided I was not going to stay with Cingular/AT&T/Whatever.

    So beloved and I signed up for a Family Plan (no more pay-as-you-go) with T-Mobil. It is only $49/mo for the 2 of us, and since we're the people we talk to the most, the fact that we get unlimited calls to each other is a Good Thing.

    i can't wait until my new phone comes.

    i also still can't wait until my new camera comes.

    school starts in 2 days.

    posted by Zuska @ 12:00 AM  
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