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  • Sunday, July 16, 2006
    The Sunday of My Dreams
    This morning, I slept until 10:30. I woke up and watched Meet the Press with Beloved, me being unable to resist making snarky comments to the people on the screen (Newt Gingrich and Robert Novak, specifically). We then threw on some clothes, and strolled up to the neighborhood coffee shop where we had coffee and sandwiches while chatting about whatever came to mind while watching the runners and fellow strollers pass by the window.

    We then ambled home, where I read my blogs, and Beloved spread out the New York Times to read old-style. He has new reading glasses - he looks so cute in them! He has not needed glasses until recently (except for a period in elementary school due to a stigmatism .... I think).

    This, to me, is an ideal Sunday morning. Going out and being a part of our community, but yet - taking things kind of slow. Enjoying our time off, enjoying each other.


    The heaviness upon my soul was slightly lifted yesterday, after we spent 54 minutes and 6 seconds on the phone with the Things. the Ex did not cut us off, and they were not in the car. Thing Two is really doing fantastic after her surgery: she is in good spirits; and has not curbed her normal activity in the slightest. Thing One was in a much better mood than the past times I've spoken with her, and spent much time conversing with Beloved about some ideas for a short story, as well as getting some help on the logistics for a game she's inventing.

    Thing One is a pretty creative child, and Beloved has been the absolute best thing for her. His artistic background and his constant projects and stories and other creative pursuits give her a very safe and supportive environment to do the same. Supportive as in - really making things happen; teaching her how to make her projects a little more viable than they perhaps would have been without a helping, guiding, teaching hand - yet her projects are HERS. he doesn't take over or change things.

    Two Christmases ago, she wrote a story. It was inspired by some silly conversations that the three of them had during our first months in this area - while I was in my first semester of law school, and we hadn't quite worked out childcare yet, so Beloved was putting off his own job search until we worked things out. That was when they had their silly conversations which she turned into a book. Then, with Beloved's guidance, she illustrated it. Then, the two of them went to a craft store, and they bought paper and other supplies, and then they spent two or three evenings in December binding books. She made 10 copies of the book, written and illustrated by her. She sent them to friends and family as Christmas gifts. We have 3 in the house, and they are so awesome.
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