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  • Friday, April 27, 2007
    My Day Off
    I've claimed Fridays as my day off. It started last Friday, and I wondered then if it could become a trend - I said no at the time, but I change my answer as of NOW. I'm so glad I thought of this with only 2 weeks left to the quarter.

    I've gotten to a point where my exercise routine is a necessary element to my day. Before I go to the gym, my head feels foggy and I feel kinda lazy. Then I work out for a while, and I shower, and I can do anything. Until midnight. It's really great.

    But every now and then, I think I need a day to go slower. To not jump out of bed at 6:30, to not fight the a.m. traffic on the bike at 7:30, to not find something to wear. I don't have classes on Fridays, and it because of that, it's the hardest day to get a fire lit under me.

    Today, it's raining. Hard. It's also kinda chilly out. I didn't feel like getting soaked on the bike again, and I hate hate hate taking the T to school, b/c of the lack of a direct route and the requisite changes of either trains or buses.

    I have a project to do for IP, due Monday, and I have all the stuff home with me.

    I have cramps.

    I also find myself craving time in the house alone. Beloved gets it a couple days a week, and it seems dreamy to me. My home, alone. I can putz around. I can make coffee and sip it on my couch, instead of grabbing it from a giant urn at ABP. Perhaps just wear jammies and yet - get work done. In the peace and quiet - or the peace and the iPod on the Bose (like now).

    I decided last night that today would be that day. I did not, however, decide to sleep through the girls' morning routine. We went to bed late, as usual, last night - probably a bit after midnight. I set my alarm for 6:30, which is when I yank E out of bed and into the shower. I did that. I gave her a hug (she's so cute when sleepy and stumbling toward the shower, I must give her a big hug every morning), turned on the water for her, set the shower timer (or else she'd shower for an hour) - and got back into bed - LIKE ALWAYS (on M,W,F -- on T/Th, I'm up at 6, and showered before she gets up). Beloved's alarm goes off at 7, and that's when I wake J up, prod E along, dry E's hair, make sure we sign their reading logs, etc., and get them out the door. I'm usually dressing and getting my own shit together, at the same time. Beloved makes smoothies and toasts the bagels. He's also in charge of getting the day's weather report.

    Today .... I was woken up by the girls coming in the room saying, "mommy! we came to say goodbye!" HUH? What do you mean? They were all dressed. One with her coat on, the other grinning weirdly. What happened? I turned over, thinking Beloved was in bed with me, that his alarm didn't go off, and the girls just decided they could handle things on their own, but he wasn't in bed either. I was so confused.

    I slept through his alarm; I slept through the blender; I slept through the hairdryer (Beloved dried E's hair), I slept through everything. Now, it is true that I had in earplugs, like I always do, due to Beloved's snoring. However, I always hear my soft alarm through the earplugs, I hear people talking to me, even if not the words, and I NEVER have slept through Beloved's louder more obnoxious alarm. He said that he told me to wake up, and that I responded to him - I said, "but I had my earplugs in, I couldn't have had a conversation" - and he said he didn't realize I put them back in after waking E. I think he may have been a little peeved with me over the sleeping.

    I didn't understand. I was so confused. I had nothing to drink last night ... no medication to speak of. Why the weird sleeping? I had deep intense dreams during that hour, too.

    Beloved later said that he thinks it was because I subconsciously knew that I was staying home and having a quieter day, and so I just slept. But this has never happened before.

    Anyway, it was a strange but fitting start to my day off. Now I am plugging along on the IP assignment in between vacuuming, straightening the kitchen, paying bills, making coffee, and trying on pants that were too small for a while, but fit me now.
    posted by Zuska @ 1:12 PM  
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