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  • Wednesday, April 25, 2007
    American Idol's Charity/Results Show
    As of now, only Chris and Jordin are left. Since we think Jordin is winning, I am pretty sure that Chris is going home.** I have another Phil Stacey/Religious Right post brewing. I think there is a conspiracy afoot.

    Update: They didn't boot anyone tonight. they all got a free pass, but the votes will be combined next week. I actually voted for Blake approx. 500 times last night. So I suppose I'll have to do the same next week. Ah well.


    Today in International Law, we discussed the question of whether International Human Rights is actually a new form of colonialism. Is the definition of "human rights," as written by the western-dominated UN merely an indoctrination of the world, imposing western views upon cultures who are demonized -- and categorized as yet another version of the "other"? I personally think the view holds a LOT of merit. How can we complain that governments and majorities are imposing their view on the majority, and in order to rectify this, we impose our views (religious, idelogical, economic, social) upon others? The majority of which do not share these views? Don't impose on the minority, because here we are, ready to impose on the majority ....

    It was with this very heated, engaging, troubling and thought-provoking discussion in mind that I sat down to watch American Idol, and their exploitation and manipulation of the peoples of Africa. "Is this the only room in the house?" "These conditions are appalling, this woman is dying, she should not be here!" Really? Where should she be, Simon? London? L.A.? And how the hell is she going to get there? or are you willing to let one of your two countries give up their world domination for the sake of equality with currently less well off nations? Something tells me no. Becuase then there may not be the money for ridiculous media empires that allow ridiculous things like American Idol to consume the nation.

    Can you imagine? When there are places where 12 year olds are the "man of the house"? Because their parents are dead, and there is nothing - NOTHING to step in? In a country where the fact there may be [woefully inadequate] mechanisms in place that step into such situations is lambasted and lamented? Decried as "handouts" to the "lazy"? And yet we walk out of homes in Africa, complaining about their inadequacy.

    And the thank you by the children here at the end? Uh. Ew. Why do these children need to thank us? Oh, thank you Ellen DeGeneres, for giving $100,000. We are certain that it will be a giant sacrifice ... just like the $20 hiding in some jacket pocket in the closet ...
    oh, thank you powerful americans. thank you for 2 hours of simpering at the carefully selected snippets of our tears ... thank you for feeling guilty for a small period of time enough to provide us with one year of an "education" and food. The generosity that allows us the tiniest of fractions of benefits that you were granted by your birth is oh-so-overwhelming, we lie at your feet in gratitude ..... thanks for coming here, and pointing out the appallingness of our lives and the "inadequacies" of our medical care and our housing and the number of fucking rooms in our houses ....
    In case you need some other reminder .....

    ** No updates until tomorrow. Fuck you, California.


    posted by Zuska @ 9:37 PM  
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