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  • Sunday, July 23, 2006
    Zuska is a Lazy Butt
    This summer, I have had a major change in my persona. i have gone from the person who will sleep as late as she possibly can, sometimes even getting BACK into bed after the shower if I find that I'm running early, to a person who wakes up at 5:30 every day, despite there being no need for me to be at work before 9. And I do NOT spend much time "getting ready" in the morning. In the beginning of the summer, I thought I'd look "professional" and put on make up, and dry my hair. Turns out, I don't really look any different when I do those things (considering that by "make up" I mean mascara) than I do when I do my USUAL routine - brush my hair, put some type of color on my lips, and be done. So I stopped. I don't dry my hair - it's hot enough now that the heat outside dries it for me well before I get to work, and I don't put on mascara. I like having the freedom to rub my eyes.

    I get up at 5:30 so I can go for a run. I am engaged with a pretty long-term struggle to lose weight, and I need to exercise. I've done so well with finding within me the self-discipline to become an early riser, and run pretty much 6 days a week. (Due to Summer Associate lunches, I have mostly succeeded at maintaining my weight, rather than losing any, although some weeks I've been down a few, Other summer associates have gained. Up to 10 pounds for women, and rumor has it - 30 pounds for men.)

    This past week, however, I've lost it. I believe it started on Tuesday. Both Monday and Tuesday were extremely hot days. 95-100 degrees. That to me, is hell on earth. Monday, however, it was still in the lower 70s at 5:30, and I went for a run. On Tuesday!!! It pretty much did not cool off at night. It was already 79 degrees at 5:30. So I did not go running. I thought it was DISGUSTING outside, and that I would NOT go outside. Wednesday, I did go, but then on Thursday and Friday - I was sooooo tired. I think it's b/c of it being my time of hte month, I was truly drained. [Boys who don't want to hear it - avert your eyes for the rest of this paragraph.] Every month, i have a different experience. This month - no cramps, but utter exhaustion. Last month, cramps that made me feel as if I would puke b/c of their intensity, but no tiredness and no grouchiness. Other months, I have a LOT of soreness in my breasts, while this month - none.]

    So I really haven't exercised hardly at all this week, and I feel Lazy. I don't feel so bad about it that i'm hopping on the bike and going to the gym (my school's gym). I'm not. Not today.

    But tomorrow, I will start afresh, and run my ass off (i wish).
    posted by Zuska @ 11:11 AM  
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