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  • Wednesday, June 20, 2007
    Shrek the First (to Zuska)
    I really liked the movie today. I had not seen Shrek, or Shrek 2, so all the characters were new to me, and very amusing. I loved Antonio Banderas ... and the cat was so cute when it tried it's "i'm so cute how can you say no to me?" face.

    Far and away, however, my favorite part was when Snow White let Led Zeppelin rip, and sent all the birdies and deer and squirrels attacking the trees. Something about the beautiful birdy-loving princess going all Rock on me, it just cracked me up. I loved it.

    J's friend's favorite part was when the Queen/Mom freaking head-butted the walls to knock holes in them, which was also pretty funny.

    J didn't have a favorite part, but her friend (who wanted to sit next to ME, b/c I'm that mom) said that J laughed hysterically at every part.

    It probably added to J's fun that she's a wee more familiar with Monty Python (tv series and the Holy Grail) than most 9 year olds, so we were chatting about whcih voices belonged to Cleese and Idle, and we agreed that the trees had Python voices.

    I want to see Shrek now, and I think Shrek 2.

    HOWEVER, before the movie started, I was itching to skip across the hallway (somehow with Beloved at my side, even though he was at Whole Foods at the time) and see BOTH Pirates 3 and Oceans 13. I don't think we'll be doing grown-up movies for some time (July 7, July 7, July 7 -- you reading this, Beloved?), but when we do, it's going to be a quad-feature weekend, I'm telling you RIGHT NOW. Spidey 3/Oceans 13 one day, and Pirates/Silver Surfer another. Once I get all of those piped into my bloodstream, we'll start down independent path.

    We may just have to see them with french or dutch subtitles across the bottom, though. Not that I'm complainin'


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