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  • Sunday, June 17, 2007
    Feeling Like a Kid, Again!
    The girls and I went to the pool. Wow, was that FUN! First they goofed off in the kiddy pool, and I spent 45 minutes doing laps. That was a little harder than I remembered! But it felt GREAT. Then E came over, and was wishing she could take what we call the "deep end test" in this town, and which allows them into the deeper pools, and allows them to jump and dive. The girls swim a lot, and love to swim, but haven't had lessons in a while. I told her to ask a lifeguard if she could come in the lap pool with me, so we could work on her swimming and get her ready to take the test. The lifeguard misunderstood, and called the Deep End Tester over. E jumped in the pool and took the test. SHE PASSED! She was so excited. She had to do the crawl, to tread water, to float on her back, and to do the back stroke. She did it all more than fine.

    Then I went with her to the diving pool, and we jumped and dove for a while. When the HELL was I last on a diving board? I have no clue! I can't remember! I grew up with a pool in the backyard, and we had a diving board, and I used to go to the town pool all hte time, and it had 4 diving boards, but i don't remember since then when I would have been on a diving board.

    Man was that fun.

    J was, of course, jealous. She said she thought she could do all parts of the test except the floating. Doesn't that seem silly? I mean, isn't that the easiest part? So I assigned her and E the task of practicing the floating, and I went back and did another 15 minutes of laps. Then J came over with a shy grin on her face, and they had a lifeguard in tow.

    J passed! And how! My goodness, you would not know from watching that girls swim that she wasn't coached on proper form for the crawl and the back stroke. E had to take a moment when it was time to breath - she couldn't work out how to coordinate the stroke and hte breath, but J was like a freakin' machine.

    And she was oh-so-floaty.

    So then we all played in the diving pool for a while. So. Much. Fun.

    Last year, I took them to the pool a bunch. I took them and a book. I sat in the bleachers while they played. It was hot, and stuffy, and I usually dragged my feet getting there, hoping we'd have one hour of open swim, instead of two.

    Today, we were there for the entire 2 hours. We all worked our butts off, and we all had a blast. My arms are feeling sore/strong. My legs, too. I want to do that MORE. I need a new bathing suit, though. I kept thinking my boobs were popping out of my beachy bathing suit. I need a speedo with a high neck.

    And, my kids rock.
    posted by Zuska @ 4:57 PM  
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